Saturday, November 12, 2011

        I want to thank all you bloggers out in blog-ville. You have inspired me with your ideas, reassured me with your discussions on difficult kiddos, and helped me keep up by sharing many of your ideas. I am using Jodi's The Bossy-R unit (Fun-in-First) as a part of my observation on Monday. I will be my first at this school so I am really nervous. I also want to thank Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple. Her Apple Diagrams inspired my Pumpkin diagrams after our pumpkin field trip. I also used her idea, Highlight a Word, for a worksheet  on er. ir. ur words.

My Sample

Class Samples

       If I ever have time to figure out this blogging thing I will share pictures and worksheets too. Meanwhile, I just keep using my website for my classroom communication and pictures. Maybe over Thanksgiving break and Christmas I'll have time to play.
Again Thank you everybody!

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  1. Hello Pauline, good luck for your activity.
    I wish you the best.