Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Projects

Well I certainly thought I would have a lot more time over Christmas break to get caught up. I have so many new ideas that I just don't know where to start. I plan to do Penguins and Polar bears this month as well as begin my weather unit, but maybe that is too much. We'll see. Of course the weather today was in the 70's and I'm cutting out snowflakes. It's so hard to teach winter in southern California!

I am posting some of the things we did during Christmas, a little late, but it might give ideas for something else. We are also finishing up our Gingerbread Theme. Our Gingerbread Baby hasn't made to everyones desk yet, so my kiddos pleaded that he would come back after Christmas. They are so cute as they cover up his ears and tell the class that they are being to loud. And I bet you have never seen a Gingerbread Baby do a backflip in the air because he is so excited.  I love 1st graders.

We read the book the Candy Cane and talked about all the things that it stood for. We then made candy cane posters with labels explaining the purpose for each color. 

Our Candy Cane Poster explaining its colors

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