Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review

Chapter 2 and 3: I couldn't wait...heehee!

This chapter is about first laying the foundation. Looking back on my attempts at Daily 5, I can see that I probably did not take as much time laying the foundation, modeling, and practicing. It begins with trust, but I couldn't trust the students to do what I did not believe... I was still putting a lot of ME into it and not a lot of THEM. So I was not letting them learn to be responsible. We did build a community of learners, and my class loved working on their stamina, so I did see growth and the love of reading. But I still knew something wasn't working. Going back over the book and reading other peoples ideas and experiences, I see I need to trust the process and not rush it. Model, model, practice, practice...

These chapters made me think back to the beginning of the year when I realized that many of my students were not even reading at the pre-primer stage...Yikes! scary...and I remember thinking how am I going to get books in their hands. The first time we practiced to build stamina they couldn't do 1 min. before we had to stop AND it took us a long time to get to more than 5 minutes. We did DEAR time every day along with listening centers, and Read to Someone. It wasn't really in the Daily 5 format, But most were reading above the 2nd grade level by the end of the year. To celebrate our our love of reading we had a Snuggle and Read party during the last week of school. They brought their favorite little blankie or beach towel and a backpack full of books. We moved all the desks to clear the floor, laid out our blankets, spread out our books and I surprised them with some cookies. They were soooo excited to lay around reading and they read for 50minutes!!! We had to stop because the PE coach was wondering where we were. OOPS! For days I kept hearing about how fun that was. I can't wait to do Daily 5 and see the improvement this year.

I have started already:

1.  gathering up various shoes from grown children.
2.  collecting books from where ever I can.  I have many second and up books, but I gave away most of my beginning readers long ago. I'll also get some from the library to have a selection in their book boxes.
3.  looking at how to change my room for a meeting spot. This will be a challenge since it's a very small square room.
4.  looking to borrow anthology books from a friend. I am challenged because I am using Open Court (2002) without student books until Unit 7 when I have the student anthology books to use for a reading option.  [I only have stories in 6 Big Books  for units 1 - 6]

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