Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Reading

Summer Reading - Daily 5 click here.

I am finally getting into summer mode which means I'm already planning for next year. Ha My hubbie just doesn't get this, yet I can't get into sitting around.  I am trying to get the hang of this blog thing, but so far I haven't figured out how to do any of the fancy things I have seen at other sites. Anyone know where to learn more about blogging?

I've already read 3 books and I am excitedly revisiting the Daily 5 and enjoying all the thoughts and comment from others.

Link to Lori's page [here]

I have dabbled with the Daily 5 while teaching 2nd grade, but last year when I moved to 1st grade I was lost on how to start. I had a very low class and mostly non- readers. I admit...I bailed, well almost. I fell back into guided reading groups, but kept some of the components of Daily 5; Working w/ words, read to someone, and read to self. Problem was I mostly ran them like centers, and I was the one trying to make them work. It was exhausting.

This year I'm trying again and NOT giving up. So I am re-reading the book with a fresh out look. I already know my big issue is giving up control. But if I train them to understand what is expected then I'm not giving UP Control but giving responsibility. Paradigm Shift! Whew I think that feels better already. Moving on to Chapter 2.  Go to my Daily 5 page or click here.


  1. Hi Pauline! Welcome to blogging! You can find a lot of helpful info at

    I'm looking to really get into the Daily 5 with my first graders in the fall. I did a little the last part of the year--we did great with stamina building, read to self, read with someone, listening to reading but didn't get any further. Hoping to rock it this year!

    WILD About First Grade!

  2. Hello- I think your blog looks great! I have a fairly new blog too and I haven't mastered the fancy stuff, but I am getting by. I was thinking of ordering the Daily 5 book. Can it be used with K Kids? I am looking forward to following you! I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime!

    1. Hi, and thank you for stopping by and your encouraging comments. I created a page two for my notes on Daily five but now I can't figure out how to add to it. HAha. Anyway, I didn't use Daily 5 way back when I did Kinder. but I do know some teachers who have. The Sisters also talk about using it with Kinders. They like looking through books and can read word books. Get the book and it will give you ideas whether you decide to do Daily 5 or not. It is worth it.