Saturday, July 7, 2012

School Bargins have arrived!

Well it is July...and Back to School is showing up in the stores. Yesterday I went to check out Targets (one of my weekly, if not more, stops) Dollar Spot. And Lo and Behold....Colorful Bins! Yes it was beginning. It looked like my store hasn't really gotten stocked but it was enough to get me know that tingly feeling of "can't get enough storage", the palpitations of which color? oh take them all...! Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Anyway I did find a few things:

I decided to get those foam clocks and hang up showing the 3 different times my eager beavers ask about the most; snack recess, lunch, and time to go home. Gee maybe not enough is going on in the class?? Any how, I saw this idea on several blogs [Peace, Love, Learning] thought I would go with it.

 The yellow bucket (on blue fot special for $.50 WOW!) is for my Choosing sticks. I saw an idea using clothespins and putting them in the bucket after they've had a turn. [Peace, Love, and First Grade] I am alway losing the sticks because I carry them around and then lay them down. Luckily I have some little ones who pick up after me.
I also found those little black bins, sorry the picture didn't show so well, for activitiy cards. they were 2/$1.00. They have no lids but the lids but I'm not using them for storage.

I also bought crayons for my class which I always give when we return from Christmas break...Kinda a New Year's Present...Getting a fresh start. By this time my firsties have broke, lost, eaten, or ??? their crayons from the first day of school. Target now has Crayola crayons on sale for 50 cents, limited buy to the special bins. I don't think I will find them cheaper but I'll keep my receipt just in case.

Oh the Little duster came from the dollar store. I bought one last year and it was such a big hit I thought I buy another. Target did have them also but I wanted a match to the one I had. They dollar store also had white boards in a little frame and a marker for a $1. They seemed really cheap but hey if they work its a good price. Anybody know how these hold up?

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  1. I found your blog over at First Grade Brain. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm your newest follower.