Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whisper Phones - DIY style

Okay Last year I hunted all over my garage for the reading phones I had made years ago. I remember putting them away when I went to 5th grade, then I didn't need them for the two years between jobs while I subbed. BUT.. I had a little voice in my head that kept repeating, "You gave them away". "Why would I have done that!" I would answer, but I knew that I had! Last year was so noisy with my little readers all reading "quietly" out loud. So this summer I decided to make new ones and after I saw the ones made with duck tape and painted, I knew just cutting PVC pipe would not be enough.

So I talked bribed my Hubbie into going with me to Home Depot, (They laughed at me at Lowe's!) to help pick out what I needed. They would only cut the pipe in half (but didn't laugh)  however my Hero Hubbie talked the HD man into letting us use his special PVC cutter tool. You should have seen the looks of all the contractor guys watching us cut 5" segments from 10' of PVC pipe.

So now I am at home with my pieces and I realize that I didn't take into consideration the size of the elbow joints and my phones are about 8 inches long! Yikes! So tomorrow My Hero Hubbie is going to go back and cut 2" off my already little pieces. I'll post more when we get that done.