Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gingerbread Baby comes

       You've gotta love first graders. We started our Gingerbread Unit this week and my Little Gingerbread Beannie Baby showed up in class yesterday. Oh the ooohs and ahhs he got was so cute. They had so many questions to ask HIM, not me! Who thought that their little faces could light up any brighter. But they did when they were told that GB Baby (that's what we call him for short) will stay till Christmas AND everyday he will sit on the desk of a quiet student! A hush suddenly came over the room. TaDa! It was the quietest day ever.... well truth be told it was quiet for a while, except for the little honey who was lucky enough to have GB Baby on her desk!. Oh Yeah, she was quiet.

Here is a picture of my cutie pie. 

        The best part was when we would sit on the carpet, GB Baby had to go too.  We had library and they convinced me that GB Baby should go along too. They all promised to watch him so that he didn't run away! Isn't that so cute? And tomorrow phase 2  of my Christmas Quiet Plan goes into affect. 
Candy Canes!

         Yes, I have found that I can get a lot from a first grader with a promise of a candy cane that they can eat at their desk while the work. I have special "blessing" coupons that say "Sweet treats for Sweet Behavior". I pass out these coupons blessings for any positive behavior that I see, especially in the beginning. When they get 5 blessings they may trade them for a Small Little Candy Cane. It has worked very well for managing behavior during this joyful holiday time. I mean how else do you compete with Christmas lights, trees, bells, presents, the Christmas Elf that is showing up to spy for Santa, and theBig  Elf himself! 

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Gotta Run...Let me know how you manage the Holiday excitement in your class. 

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