Monday, November 12, 2012


I am sure you are like me and are saying "Where did November go?" We have been so busy but it feels like a marathon, maybe the Ironman, it just keeps rolling into the next event.  My class is so great and I am so proud how much they are reading. I had a proud moment last week when we were talking about the 1st quarter ending. I was giving out reading awards (all but one child read over 250 minutes in October! WOW) and I reminded them that two months ago most of them couldn't read and look at them now! And one little girl said, "But you always told us we were readers and now we are!"  It starts with believing.

Here is a freebie maybe you can use for Thanksgiving.  I have included 2 versions; 1 for those at a public school and 1 for those who would like a Christian version.

Giving Thanks

Also we had our Great Pumpkin Day with five stations. The kids had so much fun weighing, measuring, and exploring. Thanks to so many of you who have shared your ideas, especially  Cara Carroll with her The Great Pumpkin Investigation Package

My class and parents had so much fun. 
Here's some pictures from my class.

And here is our Pumpkin Wall Gallery

And lastly, I who never wins anything...DID! I won Jenn Bates'
new, Thanksgiving Read the Room pack. Yeah and just in time since I don't really have any center themed activities for this week. Shame on me, I know. But now I do. 
I know the class will have so much fun with this. 
Thanks Jennifer Bates at Finally in First

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