Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas tree poster

A week to go But I think my class is already gone. They are giggling and chatting with a little bit of work here and there. So I guess I could fight them or join them, well maybe not go that far. I have all kinds of Christmas projects to to do but I am trying to have some learning taking place. So chose to do math games to review strategies and problem solving; We have so much fun with Ericas Bohrer's Domino Math Unit. It was a rainy day, which means inside recess. And guess what they were begging to play. Yep more "domino games" Thanks Erica. Tomorrow we are going to do the Plus One sheets.

They really got Fact Families and love making up their own.

For Phonics we are looking for patterns and then matching the rules. I writing words on sentence strips. I pass them out to different table groups and they go to town cutting or marking up the words, then matching it to the rule card. Meanwhile I am throwing in an craft thing or two. 

We finished the Candy Cane Legend last week and I thought that was the best. But oohs and aaahs today when I showed the Christmas tree poster made my day.

It was a fun afternoon project.
There are 7 ornaments showing items that are commonly seen at Christmas plus I left a blank ornament that the kids drew something that important to them. There were many dogs, families and friends drawn.
Then we wrote the significance of each ornament and glue the sheet to the back of the poster.

They were so cute talking about where they were going to hang them in their rooms. I love it when they are so excited about a project.

So tomorrow we will begin making our parent gifts.. I know I am a little late.  I didn't know what to do and was searching and searching, when a parent came in with a box and said "can you use these?"
Well I almost always say yes to that question and was very surprised to find 5"x7" plexiglass frames
 (the kind that sits on a desk or shelf). So we will be decorating those, drawing a picture to put in the frame, as well as picture of them and a maybe a hand print.

We are also going to decoupage green tissue paper to the lids of frozen juice. I have their little school pics to put in the middle and tiny little pompoms to use as berries. Hopefully they will look like wreaths. But I say a paintbrush and messy, watery paste is a successful project no matter what.

We will see what other mess we can make tomorrow.

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