Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

     For the first time in long time, since before we were married, my husband and I are spending Christmas quietly at home! Oh we had our traditional Christmas morning with my grown kids, no grandkids yet, and my parents which is so fun. We are truly blessed to have 3 generations together on Christmas morn...well actually it starts Christmas Eve. Let me back up...

     My daughter and I do a spaghetti dinner at Grandma's house, then we all go to their church for Christmas Eve service. (the Grandparents love showing us off to all their friends :D). After the service we take them home and the Kids come to our house for cookies, cocoa, and our traditional movie; National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Oh! And don't forget their one Christmas Eve gift, their new pj's!. This started when they were little and they still expect it! the oldest is 29! (I didn't do it one year and they stomped around and sulked for the whole evening!)

     Then Christmas morning, making cinnamon rolls for my Son-In-Law (the best SIL ever!) and an egg casserole begins the Christmas festivities. The gang starts arriving around 8:00am so I have to have lots of coffee ready! The casserole pops into the oven while we start the present passing, and is done usually as we finish with gifts. The best thing, we all agreed, was spending time together, laughing, eating, and reminiscing. This year my daughter and her husband are spending the afternoon at his family's house so we agreed to do our BIG dinner on the 26th. Hence our quiet afternoon.

     Some people have a hard time with their children growing up and "traditions" changing. Yes, our traditions have changed but our center hasn't ... our family. My kids bless us by wanting to be with us and not just during the holidays. Things are different than when then were small (I'm not so tired from staying up all night putting out toys - LOL) but the importance of being together hasn't. That is something to be Merry about!

Merry Christmas to all and God Bless Us, Everyone!

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