Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Christmas Ideas

We have been having so much fun comparing the different Gingerbread stories. We even read The Matzah Man .

After a week of reading a variety of Gingerbread themed books we were ready to embark on our own creations. First we made and decorated our own to create our main character. I used various shades of brown construction paper to represent cookies  and box full of things that was glued on to make buttons, etc. This summer I came across some new crayons, well new to me. The are called Construction Paper crayons by Crayola. 

WOW do they make the color POP

The little artists couldn't stop coloring.
We then started planning and writing our story, I am so impressed with their creativity and writing ability. They are all going the past the "5" sentence requirement; 
opening sentence
beginning, middle, ending
then a closing.

Meanwhile I have updated my Nativity Packet. It is up to 19 pages. I added a guided writing booklet that can illustrated and new picture cards with Bible references that can be matched to the vocabulary cards. 
These can also can be used to sequence the Christmas story.
I hope you will check it out.

AND If you have already purchased be sure to go back and download it again to pick up the new pages. Meanwhile...


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