Monday, December 10, 2012

The Christmas Tree & other Symbols

We finally got our tree and it is a really nice one this year, well on three sides (I don't know if trees really have sides?) and the "hole" is really only at the bottom so I don't think that counts. We put that side to the wall and I think we are good. 
 I think it looks pretty good!

Well as my family and I were decorating, reminiscing of Christmases past and being reminded of events that went with each small ornament.
 ( We have a very eclectic tree! ), I began thinking about all the things that make Christmas. That made me wonder where did these traditions come from and why. Interestingly, many are founded in the Christian meaning of Christmas, in the story of when the Christ child was born.

Of course as I was surfin' the net and learning about the symbols of Christmas, I had a vision  a brainstorm. I could do a unit for my class about the Symbols of Christmas.

                   ....And so I did. Here is my unit on the common decorations that we see
around us everywhere at Christmas time; 
angels, stars, gifts, evergreen tree, candy canes, and lights

I know that Christmas is getting close, but this is a Ready to Go Unit, with a craft and some other fun things. Please check it out at my TpT shop.

It includes 
this Craft and Book

This is an old picture, but it gives an idea of what it looks like.
 I need to take a new one with the cute ornament balls
and pictures of the symbols on them.
The Jesus Tree is a book by Annetta E. Dellinger

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