Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jr Explorers visit the Arctic...

Field Trip today to the Arctic and Antarctica all in one day. Well it seemed like we did. We took a small excursion to Sea World, San Diego,  to check out the Polar Bears and Penguin Exhibits. 

Here is a link to the San Diego
 Sea World Penguin Web Cam

 A Penguin Encounter
The Polar Bears were sleep in the cave 
so we had to watch the video.
But we did get to talk to the guide who had this...

Real Polar Bear Fur!
We were surprised how soft it felt and how thick the fur layer under the hair was! 

Logging observations and information

Sorry this short but I'm exhausted from traveling around the world 
and I have quarterly awards to still do.

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  1. Hi Pauline! I'm a science teacher - my kiddos will LOVE that webcam link!! Can't wait to show them, thanks so much for sharing! I'm your newest follower! Stop on by my blog when you get a chance!
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