Friday, January 4, 2013

Penguins or Polar Bears... Hhmmmm?

I have 2 days left to get ready to jump into my Polar Unit. 
The kiddos just love learning about all the cold weather animals. 
We compare the Arctic to the Antarctic, as well as the animals. 
My BIG question I always pose to the class is 
Why do Polar Bears NEVER eat penguins?
Then we make a list of all their theories.
The most popular answer is 
Penguins swim to fast.

It amazes them that they live on opposite ends of the world!
This gave me the idea to talk about opposites and I found the cutest book!
Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks

It's about these two friends that very different
 and they meet each other in the middle (the equator)
each year. 
This book inspired me to create a new Polar Unit on opposites.

It has many activities to engage students at centers or seat work working on
 antonyms and making opposite sentences. 
My class has really enjoyed collecting data and comparing information. 
So since we are starting the Chapter on graphing
 we are going to graph their choices on which they rather be ...
a Penguin or a Polar Bear. 
(we actually have done a lot of graphs already with our lost teeth,
 the weather, birthdays, etc.)
We then are also going to work on writing a comparative statement as a writing activity.
Check it out on my TPT store and see if your class would enjoy these activities too.

I am not sur how to do a linky but I did want to share my thoughts Currently...
Listening: to the furnace humming and wondering why I am still cold. Yeah I know there are many of you that are living where it is a lot colder but heck it is not suppose to be 34 degrees in Southern California!

Loving: that I had the time to meet up with friends the week and catch up, share ideas. As teachers  we often get so caught in our own
 classrooms that we forget to connect except on vacations. 
We all promised to do better at keeping in touch this year.

Thinking: of how much I have enjoyed not having a schedule this week!I have spent hours with friends, hours reading books, and spending time on Pinterest.

Wanting: to miraculously loose the weight I've gained from Christmas Cookies! Okay it might also be sitting at Starbucks with friends, or working playing on the computer.

Needing: to learn more about how to do the fancy stuff on my blog. Am learning by trial and error which takes a lot of time and can be dangerous.

OLW: Acceptance... of myself. God created me and loves me! Therefore all I can expect of myself is to do my best and not put myself down, be insecure, or worry about it. I'm a big worrier.

Okay so I really need to get down to business. It's been fun sharing. Have a good weekend.


  1. I totally understand about the tech stuff. I myself am just learning how to upload pics-still need to figure out how to upload documents. Love your blog!

  2. Your unit looks so cute! I love cold weather animals, too--especially bears!

  3. Completely agree with needing to lose the holiday weight! My amazing Italian food meal today plus the pizza I had for dinner are NOT helping!

  4. LOVE your blog - I'm your newest follower. And don't worry, all the techy stuff will fall into place.


    1. Thank you for following along with me on my journey and the words of encouragement. It's baby steps I know, but the fun is in the learning.

  5. I too am struggling to learn the ins and outs of the blog world, but it sure is fun to see all the amazing ideas out there. Thanks for introducing me to the book ~ Polar Opposites.