Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vocabulary to Valentines and Freebie

Every year we celebrate learning new words by having a Vocabulary Day. We pick a word and have to dress up in a way that would represent that word. We had some awesome words this year.  Do you know them  all? 
From left to right: Culinary, Ephebiphobia, Rustler, Meteorologist
Palindrome, Primigravida, Question/Statement, and Paleontologist

My favorites were:
Ephebiphobia: the fear of teenagers
Primigravida: a women who is pregnant for the first time (and she is)
As you can see we had a lot of fun. Even the kids got into dressing up.

Love the hat for "ocean" and you can hardly see the "bookworm"
Which was who I thought I was taking a picture of.
Light up mini lights don't show up
well during the day.

Meanwhile it is the end of the second quarter for us and report cards are to be completed by Monday morning. I made my list of things to do and thought no problem. I decided to work on my Valentine Unit that I wanted to add somethings to and somehow the day vanished. Well I did get my stuff added but the the grading fairy never did show up to finish up the grades. 
I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow in between laundry, groceries, and cleaning bathrooms. (maybe they can wait another day)
Anyway I have added an ABC Order, Vocabulary cards, and Valentine Making Words Lesson. In addition to 3 sets of Letter Cards (pocket chart, small center charts, and individual sets), I created a script to help organize words to make with clues (directions) to guide your students.

Don't cha love it when you take a picture and see that you've misspelled a word!
Here is a snapshot of what's included:
The Legend of the Valentine
A Jesus Loves Me Craftivity (Can be used as a card also)
The Legend of St. Valentine Mini Activity Book (8 pages)
6 Vocabulary Cards
2 sets of ABC Cards - 6 each with recording page
Making Words Lesson 
with Cards and recording page

and here's a FREEBIE to get you started on card making
These are slightly different than whats in my Valentine Unit. 
But they work well together.

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