Friday, February 15, 2013

100 Valentines 'Big Brain' Celebration

I was so exhausted yesterday by the day's end of school that I couldn't even post this blog. But it was a good feeling! We had a great day celebrating both our 100th day of school and Valentine's Day. Yes they fell on the same day! 
So what could you do but... Do It Big

On Tuesday we created portraits of ourselves as
100 years old
I had to laugh when Grace wadded up her face to make wrinkles. 
You can't see it very well but it was very effective. 
The purple dots on the cotton balls was to show how your hair turns purple! What a hoot!

This little guy insisted on putting a button 
on his shirt because "some men have 'you know a thing there to put things in'...a pocket." So we drew a line for the pocket.

We hung these on our Gallery Wall.

We started off Thursday with our 100 Day hat 

where we glued on 10 strips of 10 hearts each
to make 100 hearts! 
Thus tying our theme together! 
It was exciting to see them connect it to our math activity of rods and blocks!

[This was a combination of great blog ideas. Thank you to The and Kim Adsit of KinderGals.blogspot. ]

The kiddos loved the "crowns" because it made them look like they had BIG Brains!!

We then quickly put together our Valentine decoration for our parents. This was one of the Valentine Activities in my St Valentine Legend Unit.

After lunch we started our 100 day necklace, but I had learned that they made these in kinder!.. So I told them 
"Now we were going to do it the 1st grade way!" 
[ Now mind you I had no idea what the Kinder Way was] 
So in my most 'knowing voice' I told them now that we are counting to 100 we will make 10 groups of 10 and then create a pattern! 
...So cute they said "Any Pattern?  YiPEEE!"

 [Happiness chills went through my body... my head soared.. 
they were putting their learning to work and LOVIN' IT!]

 Now that we were "dressed" for our party, 
we ate... 
we drank... 
and merrily 
passed out valentines!
A great marathon day for all 
a four day weekend for a much need R&R!

I hope you had a

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  1. I LOVE the portraits! Such a cute idea! And the crowns....oh my gosh! Almost makes me wish I taught primary....almost!