Saturday, March 2, 2013

Currently March, sunsets and St Pat's FREBBIE

I feel as if I just finished 100 day and Valentines and I'm already looking at St Patrick's Day and Easter! So here's my "Stop and Pause" Button to look at Currently March...

Listening: Crazy us, when the kids were small, we bought a Timeshare 6 miles from our house so we would have parking at the beach for day use. I know that was expensive parking, but once a year we would pretend we were on vacation and play tourist. The kids loved it and why go any where else when you already live at the beach right? Well the "kids " are grown and we couldn't afford to go any where AND we forgot to Schedule a "good" week sooo this was our week at the time share. So with our crazy schedules we've taken turns to stay over night there.. our separate mini vacations. Why? A picture is worth a 1000 words...
'NUF said right!

Loving: I don't know how ya'll feel about Parent Teacher Conferences but I get so stressed! You never know if they are going to surprise you with some issue or concern and I worry that they aren't happy with something.. I know I'm ultra paranoid!  (Now you know why I stayed at the beach!)  But I am happy to say all my parents were happy, loved the things we were doing in class and so happy with how there child was reading! So I am Loving that too!

Thinking: I want to paint the living room walls at least. They are a drab beige with one wall a darker beige. I was going for a neutral look and planned to get some white tables and cream colored furniture with pops of blue. Well after I had the walls done my husband "surprised" me with a beige oversized sofa sectional. It looks like a furniture store. Lost all interest and I never got my white tables either. So I'm thinking about an Icy Blue to brighten it up. I get very little sun on that side of the house so I think something light will perk it up. What do you think?

Wanting: I am so ready for summer and we have had a big tease this weekend with days of a sunny 70 degrees. And after talking about my drab living room, let's not talk about my drab clothes that are getting to small (Do you like salads in the winter? I need comfort food when its cold; you know hot chocolate, warm cookies, a good book under a fuzzy throw.) I really think my clothes are shrinking because I just got a new water heater, Hummm, maybe the water is too hot.

Needing: I finally went to get my eyes examined (had to because I ran out of contacts!) and found that my eyes have decided to be mono vision, which means one eye is correcting distance for my near sidedness and the other eye is correcting my close up which is why I didn't need reading glasses any more. Crrraaazy. So my backup pair of glasses are no longer working correctly. So I got my contacts and I have to still get glasses. I also need a good pair of sunglasses. 

Like: Pumpkin Lattes
Love: Pretzels that are Chocolate covered
Hate: Plastic drinking glasses..Ugh! You know those rubbery plastic kind? It just creeps me out! 

Well that's me right now. Go to O 'Boy 4th grade to link up for your Currently March.

Meanwhile I have a new Legend Of Saint Patrick Unit in my store. It will add a little background information for St. Paddy's day. There is a mini book with coloring pages, a making words lesson with cards and a recording sheet; along with vocabulary cards, a craftivity and more. Some of the unit has a Biblical reference, but after all that is the bases of Saint Patrick's Day. So take a look.

And of course here's your FREEBIE!

Check Back! I'm  working on my Easter Unit


  1. Stumbled on your blog through Farley's Currently. Parent conferences - Yuck! Most of ours don't show up and it feels like a lot of wasted time.
    Lucky for you that you got them over with. Ours are coming up soon.

  2. Your eyes sound like mine! I am like a puzzle the eye doctor has to figure out!

    I love the pic of the beach, I am from Florida but currently live in Atlanta. The only part of Florida I miss, is seeing the water. (well and my family!)

    Love your blog...
    A Primary Owl

  3. I am completely jealous that you are listening to the waves right now! I am wishing for Spring just so the snow can melt! Your blog is so cute! I am your newest follower!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  4. I hear ya about parent teacher conferences! I always stress out about them and feel such a weight off my shoulders when they're over.

    Simply Second

  5. Listening AND looking at the beach. Jealous! Beautiful!!! And conferences...sigh.
    Your newest follower - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  6. Hello fellow Californian! I'm in northern CA, so no beach nearby. I will live vicariously through your picture.


    Fantastic First Grade Froggies