Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five for Friday... er, Saturday

I am joining in the fun over at Doodle Bugs Teaching. But as usual it's really Saturday morning!
Here are my 5 random thoughts for this week.

Random Thought #1: This was the most awesome week. I have a very let's say, "Social Class", and the hardest part has been getting them to not just shout out anything (and I do mean anything) that pops in their head or just get up to go tell somebody something. Yes while I am teaching! We do clips up/down, frownies and smilies, and a pompom jar. I have to say we are making progress but each Monday we start  over with the rules and by Wednesday we are startin' to get it...again. BUT this week we were having a banner week and on Friday we had zero frownies and only smilies! AND only one clip went down!

Random Thought #2: To go along withRT#1, since we were having this awesome week we fiiiiinalllly filled up the pompom jar and earned a Hot Cocoa Party. Friday was also a rainy day (or otherwise called "A Big Storm" here in southern California) so it was very fitting that we had cocoa and a movie. A wonderful parent brought in a pot that heats water almost instantly, and cups with lids from Starbucks! It was the cutest thing watching them with little "coffee" cups, but I was so busy making cups of cocoa I didn't get any pictures... AGH! and yes we did have marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, and melt-a-way candy canes.

Random Thought #3: On Wednesday we had Multiplicity Day. The kids (and teachers) had to dress the same as someone(s) else. My class winners were these 2 sweetest girls. One had recently broke her arm and they came dressed the same including the "broken arms". Will the girl with the real broken arm please stand up.

This was my friends and I (in the Middle) and I don't know what we were thinking with those BRIGHT chartreuse scarves! Couldn't miss us; they actually glowed outside.. yeah they did!

Random Thought #4: I am so ready for Spring Break. I love to read and never have a chance to during the week. I shouldn't have, but did, begin reading a book last weekend. It kept calling to me. So by Wednesday I caved and went to bed early to read "just a little". Well way to late, or would 2:00 am be early) I forced myself to put it down. Not a good idea! but a good book; 3rd in a series by Nora Roberts, Finding the Dream of the Dream Trilogy. 

Random Thought #5: As I was leaving on Friday I was told that I was getting a new student. Well I guess better on Friday night rather that Monday morning! Who enrolls in a private school 11 weeks till the end of school? She's a very sweet girl and I am glad to have a even number of students again.

So I have 2 weeks before Easter Vacation (i teach at a Christian school so we can still call it Easter Vacation!) and I am ready. Meanwhile I'm working on test prep for next month's Terra Nova Tests (like SAT's), Easter lesson plans, and tying to play Nurse to my husband. But Hey! it's the weekend. Whoo Hoo!

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  1. Oooh, I haven't read The Dream Trilogy. I'll have to try it out.
    Love your crazy scarves!!
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