Saturday, March 30, 2013

Five for Saturday and a Birthday Unit SALE

I have been on Spring Break and have not done one thing on my Spring break list of to do's. I have however done a lot of reading between vet apts and dr apts for the Mister. So it is now Saturday and I can't believe the week is almost over... Sigh, I had such high hopes er uh dreams, of accomplishing so much. Well here is my weekly five.
1. Good news is that my dog seems to be making a full recovery from his slipped disk. No surgery! Just visits to an animal Chiropractor who was wonderful. Mr. P's surgery went well also, but may still need another minor one. Darn! We thought it would be all better. 

2. I can't believe my luck lately! I am never the one who wins ANYTHING! I was so suprised when I found out I had won Jessica's All About Plants Unit. (Wild About Firsties).
Click Picture to check it out!!
It was perfect timing cuz we are getting ready to start our plant unit.

Well I wasn't even over being excited about winning this awesome product when I found out I had... 
yes you guessed it!
Won another  super duper product from Growing Firsties!
Lisa had been having a fun day sharing her birthday with all kinds of give aways on her facebook page. And all day I was just missing them. I was able to grab her Friendly Letter Writing Workshop Unit, very last give away of the evening,
AND was feeling pretty lucky at that.
Well you can just imagine when I checked my email later this week and found I had won the biggie,well to me it was! 
the Common Core Crunch unit
I really wanted this one.
Make sure you check it out if you haven't yet
Click Picture
So now I am busy printing and I need to run to Lakeshore to laminate so it'll be ready for Tuesday. Yikes Tuesday is only 3 days away.....

3.I am excited to have just posted my new Birthday Units. One is what I use for birthdays at a Christian school, of course with God as our focus. But I also changed it up a bit for those who are at public schools or where you might not even celebrate birthdays. I heard that is happening too. 


20% off SALE GOING on this weekend
Mar 30-31
Both have activities that are aligned to 
Common Core Standards 
for Listening and Speaking skills as well as Writing skills,
 and both have the option for a Special Day celebration if you Student of the Week instead of Birthdays.
My Kiddos love getting their "book" that their friends created.
I tie them together with polka dot ribbon to jazz them up and they can't wait to receive them. Of course the ones I putting together are at school so I can't take a picture right now.

4. The third book I read this week was given to me by a friend as she told me it was the best book she has read in a long time. Great! Well it was good and by the 7th the chapter I was sucked in. I like this author but this wasn't my favorite book. (Maybe it was the Russian Historical Era that I didn't relate to?) The Author is Kristin Hannah and I like Firefly Lane the best. I am now reading a new one, Magic Hour and the 1st chapter was pretty good.

and finally
5. I've been cleaning out my closet...Gee there are clothes that are older than my kids in there! I won't say how old that is but let's just say their closets are not in my house any more. So it is about time to weed it out. My problem is now I can see why I didn't have anything to wear.  So now I have to have time to go shopping... Hmmm maybe I should have done this task at the beginning of the week..

Well if you made it this far, I thank you for sticking with me. I hope you have a nice Easter. Remember to Check out my store; I am having a Spring Cleaning Sale for 20% off. (I was so excited to have 20 followers)!!

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