Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Easter/Resurrection Unit and freebie

Stop the bus I want to get off!
Does anyone else ever feel that way?
I have one more week to get through before Spring Break and I don't know if I will get it done. I have been searching for the clip art for my Easter Unit I had all planned out. But there was nothing but bunnies and eggs...not that I have anything against bunnies and eggs! It just wasn't the direction I was going since I teach at a Christian school.

My husband gets, not one but two, eye infections in the eye that he is suppose to have his final surgery on in two weeks! (he's doing better now so the surgery is still on) AND my dog has slipped a disk in his back and can't walk. The vet said surgery may or may not work ($4000.00 for no guarantees). So we found a animal chiropractor and we will try that route. This is such a hard thing because right now he is pretty much helpless, and isn't really drinking or eating either, but he is the cutest, sweetest dog.
So instead of doing the 101 things that I need to do, because obviously I'm the only one healthy enough and can 
(oops...A little bit of whining just slipped out...sorry).

What I mean is as I am sitting here with my dog pleading with him to drink, cleaning him up, keeping him calm, and not doing the laundry, and the grocery shopping, or the bathrooms ( you get the picture). I did finish my Easter unit and finally got to blog share with y 'all. Thanks for listening.

So here is my new unit

and here is a freebie

I'm still trying to learn how to use drop box so let me know if this doesn't work.


  1. thanks for the clipart tip. I'm discovering finding decent religion clipart is tricky

    1. It is very hard to find christian clip art for kids as well as younger looking activities with a Christian emphasis. I want my students to relate to the pictures. Philip Martin is another source, but you can only use it for your own use or freebies. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Looks great Pauline and Melonheadz is seriously the cutest! Can't touch Easter with a 10 foot pole at our school but love it all the same!

    Looking forward to meeting you this weekend!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  3. I love that clip art and your Easter pack! I can't wait to meet you Saturday!