Sunday, March 10, 2013

So. Cal Meet-up and Easter Stories Must Haves

It has been so exciting to see how many bloggers live close by AND now we are going to meet up!

It will be so fun to meet face to face with fellow bloggers that you so admire! If you live in So.Cal and would like to join in, then drop by Katie's Blog, "Teacher to the Core" and sign up. Just click below to go to her blog.

After signing up at Katie's blog, go over to Kate's blog at "Second Grade Sparkle" and Link up. Hurry and you might win some prizes!

Meanwhile here are some Easter books that I think are a must to have.

Benjamin's Box by Melody Carlson

The Easter Story told by a little boy who experiences the events of Passover week and learns the Good News. The Story works well with Resurrection Eggs. Instead I glue the items onto a 6" grapevine wreath, in order of the story. This way it can hang up in the house and the children can use it as a reminder to tell others of the Easter Story. (I'll post a picture of it tomorrow since I left it at school.)

The Easterville Miracle by Melody Carlson

Story about a little boy who questions all the Easter fuss that takes
place the week before Easter. He visits a wise old man, who work together to remind the town of the true meaning of Easter.

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