Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break R and R

Spring Break has finally arrived! and I don't know what to do with my self!! 
My what to do for relaxing list is as long as the list of... 
I want to do's and then of course there's the dreaded...
I need to do's (which will have to wait cuz... I'm on a break! DUH!)

First of all does the weekend actually count as part of Spring Break?
Any way 
1. weather is good, a sunny 68 degrees...check
New succulent garden - it will fill in as it grows.
2. new book in hand, Sandra Brown's Low Pressure. I actually have a stack of about 10 books my friend gave me to read, so it was pretty had to pick one.....but check

3. Iced latte and sun glasses... check

Yeah, I would say Spring Break has begun!
and a quick up date about my puppy...

Yesterday was the So. Cal Blogger Meet Up and I didn't get to go=Me crying (Missed meeting y'all!)
because I was the only one that could take my dog to the vet for his treatment.

The good news however was the vet was amazed! In one week he is almost walking normally, is playing with his toys and doing his thing out on the patio.
Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts.

I am working on a Birthday Blessing Unit that I hope to get out soon. But that's as close to school stuff as I'm going to get for the next few days.

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