Sunday, April 28, 2013

Detecting Math Facts, A FREEBIE & more.

WOW! I finally had time to blog and I found I have 50 followers! It is so exciting to log in see other people have not only found you but must enjoy what they found enough to come back! It gives me warm fuzzies, 
(not the pompom kind, but the real kind!) 
and makes me want to jump up and down....
Okay I'm back...just had to shout and jump or I wouldn't be able to continue. When I started this Blog I really didn't think I had anything to blog about. But I'm finding that I am more aware of what I do because I am trying find things to blog about. It's kinda a self-awareness thing, but I guess I have to work on my self asteem because I just don't think I do any interesting stuff. I'm basically an introvert and don't share well. 
I mean I do share a lot, just not stuff about me. 
May be I need therapy. 
And so back to my blog.. AND A BIG THANK YOU (shouting in a nice way..ok?) and Welcome to all. 

Meanwhile Here is my Five for Friday...errr Sunday?

Okay my first is a question. Have you ever created a unit, saved it to a PDF, and somehow delete the original file? I did..somehow... and I'm stuck with a PDF with a error! SOOOOO I have been creating it aaaallllll over again. It did go faster the second time and I think it's actually better. And here it is...

Here's a Freebie that is not included in the Unit. I am trying out Drop Box so if it doesn't work, leave me a comment or e-mail me and I'll send it to you.

Second we did a math activity I found on, which by the way has a lot of great videos using Common Core.
It was called Counting Collections. I made teams of 2 and gave them a bag of things to count. They had to figure out the best way to sort them, and count them. They also had to document their strategy anf then teach me. It took along time but so worth it.
Boys circle counting

Started counting by5's, then change their minds to 10's.

This group just argued. I finally had to sit with and 2 out 3 worked it out...the third just pouted because they didn't want to do it her way. (it really didn't make any sense is why.)

Okay so this is getting long so I'll go quickly

Number 3: Teacher In_Service: I am at a private School but it tries to stay current on things so we had a Language Curriculum Coach from a public school and talk to us about Common Core. I have taken two Saturday  seminars at CSUSM on Common Core, but it was interesting to hear what is actually happening in our local schools. 

Number 4: Science
We finally had some warm sunshine weather (its been cloudy at the coast) and we did an experiment. We used a thermometer, and some chocolate and teams of 4. We located in the sun in a corner by a wall, in the sun on the grass, in the sun on a sidewalk, and in the shade on the wood chips (it was the only shady place I could find.) Guesses were made on what would happen and whether we were going to get to eat the chocolate. They were amazing to watch as they documented talked about and poked at the chocolate.
Hot 70 degrees
Hotter 100 degrees
Hottest 110 degrees
Funny thing was it was only 75 degrees that day. Hmmmmm? 
And yes we did get chocolate!

And number 5: Good justification for Uniforms in School.
Wacky Wednesday, 'nopf said.

That's it for my Five for Sunday.. Have a great week.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recycle, Reuse and My First Giveaway!

Here's a Shout Out for a must have item 
from Katie at Teacher to the Core
With Earth Day next week, this is a unit that you can "REUSE" again again..and has so many ideas, crafts, and print-and-go activities..  It's full of practical, fun items to make the week a fun learning time, which is what my class is in need of after this week of Yukky Intellectual Testing! Click the pic to go to her store.

This will be a good follow-up from the weather study we've been doing.
Studying weather in California is almost like a foreign language... 
we just don't get weather. 
But today it was Windy
and Sunny
with no clouds to look at in the sky.
So we turned to U tube and after watching tornados we spun around, 
imagining we were tornados.
Quite a sight. 
Luckily we stopped before to much furniture was "sucked up" 
and spinning with us.
Tomorrow we may make rain....
 "You know that wet stuff that falls from the sky"

Now A Give Away!!
Katie contacted me and has so kindly given me one "Easy Ecology" Unit to give away!!
(my first give away whoo-hoo!)

So here's the rules
1.Follow my blog...
while you are at it go visit and sign up on 
2.Katie's at Teacher to the Core, 
you will love her blog, 
and her husband's. 
They have such a great outlook on things and make me laugh.
3. Then come back and leave a comment about what you do for Earth Day, oh and don't forget to leave your email so I can get back to you.
(I always forget to do that and have to leave a second comment!!)

Then I will have my hubby do a random number pick on Saturday afternoon.

OOhh I am so excited to pass along some fun!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

U Gotta enter this Give Away!

A great give away from the 3AM Teacher is having a great give away!  All you need to do is make sure to follow each of their blogs and 1 follow from each blog (my favorite bloggers) will win the lot below!! That's right!!! So don't miss out and click on the pic below to take you to the sign up!!

I will post later about my day, meanwhile YOU have a good one!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1st Currently...

It is April and I am already behind! LOL There are already 100 of you bloggers that have linked up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently!!
Listening to the World's Worst Cooks in America and I, who doesn't cook much .. the mister does most of the cooking, I do the baking, and there is a difference.. can maneuver around a recipe. I'm amazed at what some of these people come up with...burning things on purpose because then you know it's done??

Loving God... Have enjoyed this Easter Week and the reminder of how much God loves us... for all time... every day!

Thinking it can't be time for break to be over...please say it isn't so! I have done nothing to get ready for school and my plan was to have the next 9 weeks planned out. Okay so maybe my goal was a bit extreme, but I should have at least planned 1 week! I did have a nice quiet week and enjoyed the doing nothing except taking care of my family and chillin' with some no brainer books.

Wanting to be done with grading...or at least caught up! Another thing that didn't get done. Why is it that I feel compelled to check every paper I give them. It's because I do not believe in busy work, so if it important enough for them to do it, it should be important enough for me to look at. I wonder how does everyone else manage grading work??

Needing to really to start exercising! I think I must have gain 20 pounds this week alone and at least 20 inches on my waist and bottom! Okay I am going to try blogging and other computer work by standing and letting gravity at least help to distribute fat cells to other areas. Maybe I could walk in place while keyboarding??? I did walk 2 miles once last week. Maybe I can do it twice this week. Just get started right?

I'm just learning my way through blogging and selling, so I don't think I can give adivice there. So my advice in general would be Take one day at a time. Don't be overwhelmed with all that you want to do and don''t know how to do. Don't spend time worrying about what if's and making plan B, because the what if's don't usually happen the way you thought and you will probably have to come up with plan X,Y or Z at the last minute anyway. So only deal with what is at hand and only do what you can do. Now I need to take my own advice as I face tomorrow with some sketchy plans at best.

To those of you just starting your break ENJOY! and if you haven't join in Farley's Currently link... it's not to late.

And remember to leave a comment at 2 blogs before yours and the 1 after.
Now go link up!