Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recycle, Reuse and My First Giveaway!

Here's a Shout Out for a must have item 
from Katie at Teacher to the Core
With Earth Day next week, this is a unit that you can "REUSE" again again..and has so many ideas, crafts, and print-and-go activities..  It's full of practical, fun items to make the week a fun learning time, which is what my class is in need of after this week of Yukky Intellectual Testing! Click the pic to go to her store.

This will be a good follow-up from the weather study we've been doing.
Studying weather in California is almost like a foreign language... 
we just don't get weather. 
But today it was Windy
and Sunny
with no clouds to look at in the sky.
So we turned to U tube and after watching tornados we spun around, 
imagining we were tornados.
Quite a sight. 
Luckily we stopped before to much furniture was "sucked up" 
and spinning with us.
Tomorrow we may make rain....
 "You know that wet stuff that falls from the sky"

Now A Give Away!!
Katie contacted me and has so kindly given me one "Easy Ecology" Unit to give away!!
(my first give away whoo-hoo!)

So here's the rules
1.Follow my blog...
while you are at it go visit and sign up on 
2.Katie's at Teacher to the Core, 
you will love her blog, 
and her husband's. 
They have such a great outlook on things and make me laugh.
3. Then come back and leave a comment about what you do for Earth Day, oh and don't forget to leave your email so I can get back to you.
(I always forget to do that and have to leave a second comment!!)

Then I will have my hubby do a random number pick on Saturday afternoon.

OOhh I am so excited to pass along some fun!!


  1. Thanks Pauline for the great giveaway. The first one is always super exciting! For Earth Day, we do a ton of centers and activities about how we can help the Earth. We plant new herbs and flowers in our planters by our classroom. We also have a school wide celebration with speakers, performances and crafts to culminate the the month's activities.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. I'm in! Already a follower ( of both) :). Congrats on your 1st giveaway! Yippee! I laughed at the weather posts! We too are doing weather in CA. Wind, wind, wind! Sun, sun, sun...not a lot of variety this time of year! :) Happy Friday! wendy

  3. Congrats on your first giveaway! For Earth Day, we have many FUN activities planned throughout the day to help learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle. We also have spruce trees that we pass out to the students to take home and plant.

  4. YAY Earth Day! Congrats on your first awesome giveaway! I am your newest follower!! One of our standards in Virginia is natural resources so I usually tie in that standard with Earth Day along with the usual reduce, reuse, recycle!!

    The Army Wife Teacher