Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Currently

How did I miss doing May Currently, cuz a week late isn't being too current! And how did it get to be 6 days into May already! 
So I am joining with Farley's Currently, but I have to remember how to do this, again. One would think I could remember at least 30 days ago right! Okay got it..

1. A rare Saturday when everyone is out and about, and even my dog is resting. Ahhhhh... quiet. I don't know about you, but sometimes after a week of exciting 1st graders, including a field trip, it is nice to kick back in quiet bliss.

2. I love reading and will really get into a book, I mean really get into it, where I forget about all else. The laundry, the kitchen dishes,.... you get the picture. The few minutes I meant to spend on my "break" somehow become hours. But my hubby says "good for you, you deserve a break". Gotta love him!

3. Our school always does a theme for Open House. Last year each class changed their room into a classic literature book appropriate for their grade level. Of course I was Toad and Frog. This year we were planning on a more traditional evening with kid projects and showing parents around. But nooooo!
We are now adding A Walk through the Bible. Each class is representing a Bible Story. I'm doing Joseph and his coat of many colors, which will be fun (the kiddos are loving it). But I got to pull this together in the next 2 weeks.

Planning stage... and no I am not having a pink pyramid. I am planning to cover cardboard with sand.
I just realized that the black drawers is blocking the BB. It is sitting on a desk so that I could use my tracer
to project the picture that I traced (easier than drawing)
Close up of middle area. This is when Joseph get sold into slavery. 
Graphics from Scrappin' Doodles
4. I am doing a math camp for incoming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. The plan is to play different games and activities to practice (and not forget) math concepts. I'm creating some activities as well as purchasing from the great units on TPT. It's an hour a week for 8 weeks so I will still have have plenty of summer for my bucket list as well as testing out some ideas for my store.

5. I actually have 2 bucket lists; personal and professional. I would like to clean out the garage and paint my house. I think that was on my March Currently but obviously it didn't get done. My professional list does overlap with my personal since many of the boxes in the garage are school related. I want to purge and organize all of them for next year. I would love to have a Month to Month schedule planned before school starts. Dream Big I always say.

And here we are...all current. Only 27 days left of school and the kiddos are ready. Well I do have 1 sweetie who asks everyday as we are packing up, Is there school tomorrow? The whole class answers "Yes!!" all with heavy sighs. I think some of the sighs are from wishing it was the last day. I think I'm ready, but I am already thinking about next year....that's SICK!



  1. I am the same way with a book! Once I start, I can't put it down.

    1. Hi Liz. Never start a book at night. Last night I was up till 4:00 am. Yikes! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi!

    I was late with my Currently, too, but it gave me the chance to find your blog. It's not crazy to start thinking about next year - I can honestly say I've been thinking about it, too.

    Good luck with the garage cleaning!
    Learning in the Little Apple