Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 for Friday and 3 to go!

3 days to go ... It surely has been a busy month, with assessments, year end events... But I'm down to 3 days to go. With grades submitted we have been filling the days with activities I had prepped but didn't have time to complete. Nobody has questioned why we were pretending to be in a snow globe in June.. Hmmm... what does that say about my teaching?? We also had a Snuggle 'n Read party. Oh instead of talking about it let me show you! Here is my 5 for Friday (late as usual).

1. I was adding stories to their writing binders and I was not only amazed by the writing (length and content), but look at these drawings!

I love this one showing Joseph in the "transparent" well. Shows the ability to think in 3D.

2. Here are our "Winter Globes a la  June" Only in California
 would we think about a BBQ in the snow!

I have no  idea about the pink snow 
or maybe a sunset sky

3. For math we had free choice of math games and centers. 
I loved this design. Notice complete with a collar and dog tag.

 4. Our Snuggle 'N Read. They were allowed to bring in a small blanket and some books. We moved all the desks away from the middle and chose the spot on the floor to  read. I passed out little munchies to snack on and suggested we try to read quietly for 20 minutes and then we could share about our books with a friend. 
They read for 35 minutes and were still quiet. WOW!! I could not believe it. It was almost recess so I told them could share. And the did. Very quietly...the EEKK way. 
A Teacher's dream come true!

It is a wonderful thing to teach reading, but the real reward is to see them LOVE to read! 

4. My end of the year gifts were a big hit. Our theme was explorers this year so I had to have a header that was fitting. I also had to be sensitive for I am keeping one of my littles back. But she is so excited to be helper next year!

Thanks to for the math games with a deck of cards.
I bought the Buckets at the dollar store. The deck of cards were 2/$1.00. I used my points at Scholastic for books at different levels and each student picked one that they wanted. It was like winning the lottery!

 5. My goal this year was to have a clean desk. This is my desk finally clean! Okay so it is the end of the year, I still made my goal..Right? Maybe I need to be more specific next year. LOL

And that is it for my week. 
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  1. I had to giggle at your clean desk. That is my goal every year and this year I was forced to accomplish it as I had a student who would often go for everything on my desk when he got upset. I had to keep it all in drawers and having it clean was really nice all year. Towards the end of the year his behavior improved so it was nice to have a clean desk to keep everything I needed for the day. I'm thinking of getting rid of my desk next year... we'll see :)

    Your kids' writing is great!

    You're almost there!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy week! I love how the snow globes turned out! I got such a kick out of them! I am so glad to have found your beautiful blog and to have made a new blogging pal in California! Happy to be a new follower!
    The Teacher’s Chair