Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

So sorry about my absence, but the last two weeks have been speeding down a a track faster than I can keep up. But here is a snapshot where I am at this moment, taking a breath, and enjoying a morning coffee...Ahhhh (smile).

I decided to link up with Farley's Currently, and I see that many of you have already beat me too it and it's only, Oh my it's already the 2nd of June! Well here goes...

It is so peaceful listening to the little mama bird. She comes every year and makes a nest in our awning. What would be better today if I was able to be sitting on my patio in the early morning sun, but alas we are experiencing our normal May Gray along the Southern California coast. (But I did say it was June didn't I).

I only have 7 more days... well really only 5 more "teaching days" and the A water park field trip, and then the awards and talent show day. They don't really count. But what I am really enjoying is that I am not spending this time doing lesson plans-done, grading papers-done, homework-none this week! I actually went to a family get together ( my niece graduated from high school as a junior) without a to do list circling in my head.

I'm hoping to get a start this week sorting through and cleaning out files so I can begin packing. We have to pack up everything every year because we might be moving classes. I don't even know what grade I will be teaching yet. Meanwhile I have a Summer Math Club meeting each week this summer with about 20 incoming 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. My plan is to play math games and activities just to keep practicing math concepts over the summer. So I do need to decide what manipulatives and math activities I need to pack separately. I also have been asked to tutor about 5 kiddos of different ages and will need to access material for that. So I guess sorting out things will be a MUST Do!! and 2 days won't be enough time. 

I am so ready for vacation... I just want to get away from doing things for everyone else. I know this is a selfish wish, but going away from all the demands, escaping into a book, and having someone cater to only ME sounds so nice. Really though, My hubbie is good about giving me some decompress time. Do any of you have trouble transitioning to summer lay back and no deadline looming? I am so task orientated.

Meanwhile I do need to get my school stuff and house organized because I just learned that I am going to be a Grandma! So excited and so much want to be there to support my daughter and her husband. My plan is to have my lessons planned and copy what I know I will need ahead of time. So I am really hoping to stay in 1st and not move grades this year.

Need new sunglasses (They were sat on) new sneakers to begin my summer fitness walking plan, and a desk for my spare room I am changing from the "junk room" to a guest/office. I have been pinteresting and have many ideas!

Okay I promise to blog more, post more ideas and freebies this summer. Thank you to all of you that are better at posting than me, you keep me encouraged. Wishing a happy summer to all and keep in touch!

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  1. Pauline,
    Like you, I have a hard time changing routines! It takes me a few weeks. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. You must be so excited! :)
    I noticed you like do I. good luck organizing and creating! Try and relax this summer!