Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Whole Group Teaching Linky

Today I am going to be majorly productive...But first, in order to prepare, I must have a cuppa java and check out in with my fellow bloggers to see what's new. I have decided to join up with Leigh at The Applicious Teacher about 

Whole Group Instruction:
I was reading all the already published posts and although we all do things similarly with WGI, there are those little twists and tweaks that make it our own. I love catching a glimmer of other classrooms and adding a little piece here and there.

So with that in mind I tried to think of something I do that hasn't been mentioned. Last year, the year of the new, never had before, document camera, I discovered a whole new way to get my little explorers to be engaged. They loved the document camera and at first it didn't matter what I was doing, they just loved seeing BIG, live fingers! Giggle giggle.

Finally life settled down and they all dreamed of the chance that they would, someday, get to see their HANDS up on the big screen. Did I say superstardom? So I began to have them "help" with "teaching" as we corrected our morning work. 

I begin with them taking out a colored pencil or crayon except for yellow, because the teacher can't see yellow when she's at home at night grading papers. (They all know this mantra and say it as they choose their marking tool.) Then, looking for those showing readiness and good behavior, one by one they are picked to come up and write an answer, explain how they got the answer, and/or corrected an answer.
Those at their seats make corrections
 or add a star if they are correct.
 I find that this reinforces learning for those who got it correct but better yet it immediately catches and corrects the understanding of those who didn't understand. (First graders don't go back to check a graded paper and say Hmmm why is this wrong?.)
This is also an opportunity for them to share a good thinking strategy or asking that all important question which often does lead to further instruction.

Sorry I have no pictures but I hope you found this useful and again thank you for sharing your ideas.

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