Thursday, July 4, 2013

Currently, Lovin the Lovin' and a Freebie!

Happy Birthday America! 
With all your faults it's still a great place to live. 
We should stop a moment today and ponder those freedoms and opportunities that we have in this country. I pray for the leaders of this country to gain the wisdom and strength to make the hard choices to protect the foundations on which this nation was built.
God Bless America!

A little late, how did it already became July?, I am joining up with Farley's Currently for July.

I'm listening to the History Channel that my son turned on. It's pretty interesting as it is about the building of America.

I'm loving not having anything I have to do today. Just a lazy day with friends and family. It has been a busy week helping my daughter pack, paint and clean her new house, and being at the hospital with a friend. Her husband is in ICU and has had two surgeries this week. He seems to be on the mend and each day is now getting better. 

Thinking about my daughter moving is sad but really ridiculous. Since she has been married she has lived pretty much lived within walking distance and it has been nice knowing she was close, not that I would see her everyday.
But now she is pregnant and moving... six miles away! LOL I know that is not THAT far, but it will take me much longer to walk it (if I had to!).

I am wanting craving a hot fudge sundae and would settle on a one scooper!
I have 3 more pounds to go before I dare to reward myself.

After this weekend I need to get started on my To Do List! Did I say list... it's more like lists. One for school stuff, one for home stuff, one for personal (fun) stuff, one for ...well you get the idea. I know I am not the only one who has multiple to do listS. Right?

As a relatively new blogger (I stalked for a long time more than I blogged), I am still learning my way. The best tips, tricks, and hints I have found is linking up and leaving comments are good ways to connect up. And I just discovered Instagram and it is a fun, fast way to keep up, touch base, and connect in with others. Try it if you haven't done it yet. It is easy.
with that said if you haven't yet here is a fun link up.

And here's another link up...

I am loving all the sharing and linking up and the following that is going on this summer.
I am excited to find so many new (to Me) blogs that are showing up as many of us move to "Blog lovin'" And I am calling out Melissa at Common Core and So Much More for sharing her bright and cheery button to Blog lovin'. Check my side bar.  If you like it click her button and go to Melissa's blog.
Follow her steps to sign up to Blog lovin' and  you too can use her button.
Sorry this is short but its late but I forgot to push publish!

and if you have made it this far here is a Freebie! 
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Have a great Day!


  1. An ice cream sundae sounds so good!

  2. Pauline!! I nominated you for the Libester Award!! You can check out my post here about it:


  3. I will second that hot fudge sundae, that sounds so delicious!!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition