Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th Sale!

I have had good intentions to blog everyday, 
to organize my files and units,
 to work on my list of TpT ideas,
 but my life has taken on an entity of its own 
and I have been detoured by outside circumstances. 
I hope to gain back control soon. 
So meanwhile I thought it would be a good time to join in the celebration of our great nation with a great sale.
 Everything in my store is on sale until Friday, July 5th!

Meanwhile I did find out I am staying in first grade! Hurray!
But I am moving to another classroom, with 2 closets, lots of windows,
 and a sink!

So now I know I need to get busy.
I'm feeling the pressure...

Have a Happy and safe 4th and I'll be back soon!


  1. I switched classrooms four years in a row...I hope I never have to switch again! Two costs and a sink sounds amazing. I would love to have ONE closet! Can't wait to see your new classroom!
    Mrs. Laue's Littles

    1. Hi Amber! I can't imagine switching classrooms every year but its better than switching grades every year. I am at a small private school so things can always change. It keeps life exciting. I'll post pictures once I get to see it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!