Friday, July 12, 2013

Linking Up and Looking Around

I am not what I would call a techie but I can maneuver around fairly well. Okay it is by trial and error and mostly through a lot of error. But I'm feeling pretty proud because today I set up a facebook page for my blog and linked it from my blog, along with a link to my Pinterest and my Instagram. BAM!

Now none of that was real complicated except the picture part, because I no longer have photoshop and I not real smooth on remembering how to do buttons and banners, etc.
 It's not necessarily exactly right how I want it yet, but I think it's working. 
If you are reading,  I would REALLY appreciate if you'd
 liked my Facebook page,
There's a link for two freebies!
follow my Instagram,
and Pin something from my Pinterest.
(I still have to figure out how to do those floating "P"s  to pin from my Blog!)

On to my next triumph of the day!
My $1.00 findings!
Most of these were from the Dollar Tree. You can't see the blue containers very well, but a deck of cards fit perfect. (they come 2/$1.00, see the green ones). I'm going to use them in my centers to hold the different games pieces and cards. I'm tired of replacing ripped baggies.
And the fly swatters are retractable! 
So the can be short or they can reach up to those high places!
The Instruments were the the Dollar Spot at Target.
We haven't received the Back to School Stuff yet,
But I thought the wooden tambourine could be fun.

Unfortunately my "new" pile isn't as big as my old pile.

Yikes! I've been ransacked!
 That would be a good excuse for the way my living room looks but
I'm really organizing all my files and center activities
 so I can find them  match them up to the right Unit of Study.
I hope this is the quake before it all comes together!
Could it be possible that after organizing all this I will find that I need

Naaaaah! No Way!

How are your piles doing? I know I'm not the only one!


  1. Pauline,
    I am your newest follower. I can assure you, those crate seats you will love! I created 6 last summer and my kids think they are amazing. I nominated you for an award. Head on over to my blog to find out the details:

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  3. Don't you just love the Dollar Tree? And even though I bought that same pack of cards, I didn't think to use those containers to put them in. What a great idea!

    1. I hate baggies! My little guys rip them apart or can't get them to close so I end up with game pieces everywhere. These work very well,