Friday, July 19, 2013

Lucky Me!

I don't often win anything... mostly never! 
My hubs wins everything. 
So I was very excited when I learned I had won two units from 2 different second grade teachers. It was also exciting to learn that Jamie at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers isn't very far from me. (Hi Neighbor).
And Courtney at 2nd Grade Snapshots has many themed packages, including some Detective items that will go along with my theme this year.
So what did I win?
I'm going to use this for my beginning of the year activity
along with my name games.

Then to go with my detective theme 

This supplements my own detective units

Find them [here]

Meanwhile, Walmart is having a great sale
 so I stopped by and picked up
pocket folders for 15 cents,
spiral notebooks for 17 cents,

 Scentos Scented Self Inking Stamps

I think the class will love these.
 I'll let them stamp their paper when I do a quick check of their paper instead of collecting them.


  1. Congratulations Pauline on your winnings!!!

  2. Congratulations! Love your blog! I just noticed that you were already nominated for the Liebster award. Here is your second nomination! You are