Monday, July 15, 2013

Spot the Target Dollar Spot

I got up this morning, 
put on my running shoes, 
ready to take no prisoners 
and headed out to my nearby Target Store! 
My strategy had been well thought out after reading all the posts and viewing the great closeups of other Blogger's Target finds. I have been waiting, not real patiently, but biding my time knowing that historically it takes California
 (at least the Southern part) 
about 2-3 weeks longer to get their teacher dollar spot up. I arrived early but late enough for them to unload the truck from the night before. 

I had cash in hand...
 And what? Nothing but summer toys and barbecue thingys! 
(I was in such a panic that I didn't even that a picture for proof of my despair) 
I quickly ran to the back to check the usual, for this time of year, aisles for Back-to-School.
 and would you believe
they were JUST BEGINNING to set them up.

 I grabbed walked nicely up to the nearest Target personnel and interrogated asked nicely, "Have you received the back to school dollar spot items yet?" (I mean it is the middle of July!)
She looked at me with disbelief (was this such an unrealistic question?) and answer "No I haven't seen anything yet, but we are getting to re-set it."
So I will begin my stake out,
 I have put out the word to all my non teaching friends,
I'm checking all ads, mobile alerts, and texts!
What more is there for me to do?

Stopped by school to check out my new room.
At least my Math Club (in my old room) went very peaceful.
I love it when they say It can't be time to go home yet!


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