Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting ready, a preview and a couple of tips

I have to face it, 
the time has come, 
Teacher work week is Monday. 
It was finally decided that I will stay in my little  class. This week I was able to spend a little time putting it together. Here are a few pictures, but it is not finished yet.

This is the view as you walk in my room. That little alcove has been a challenge, but it has become the best place for the math manipulatives and games.

Folder games go in the top row of cubbies, review activities are in the second row and dice, counters, dominos, etc are in the bottom row. The rolling storage has partner games. Hiding behind  the rolling storage are crates that are stacked for more storage.

 My math board was inspired by Reagan Tunstall. (Thanks Reagan) I created the posters across the top to show patterns in ten frames and the dots on dominos. The calendar is on a board nearby. I am trying to keep it interactive and am going to have a math journal (spiral notebook) for the students to draw, glue, and write math things.

This is looking at what will be my writing area. 
A computer will take the place of the books on the table.
 On the wall, I've created a mock bulletin board where I will hang their writings
which eventually will be part of their writing binder.
(see below to see how I did this)

And as you can see, my library is still in the works.
I am making special labels for each genre of book which will match
the labels on the box. We also do AR, so I am marking each book with the AR level.
My fiction books are leveled but the non-fiction books are
not. They are kept by topic and mixed levels.
I am hoping to get some help with this.

I still have my Language Arts board and my desk area. I have to keep the desk so I try to make it as small a spot and diverse as I can.
Next week I have to finish between meetings, 1st aid/CPR class, and grade level meetings.
I feel there might be some late nights a happinin'.

TIP #1
Below is my writing wall. 

For each one you need a file folder (1 folder makes 2), 
paper ( I used card stock)
a metal prong

1. Cut file folder in half along the folded part and cut off the tab.
Cut the paper of your choice a little bigger than the writing paper. 
I cut mine 9"X12" which will give a little border and make a little "frame."
Staple the folder and paper together with a couple of staples in the middle.
2. Punch 2 holes at the top. (If you have a two hole punch it makes it easier to have a standard
with all the paper you will be mounting.

3. Place the prongs through the holes with the flat part across the back and prongs in the front.
4. I taped the prong across the back with duck tape to add stability.
5. Tada!
As the writing is finished it can be added to the prongs easily. Each quarter I take them down
and place them in their writing binder and they are already in order!

TIP #2
Wanting to color your wood sticks or clothes pins?
And the store doesn't have dye in your color?
Here is an alternative....Food coloring.
It's cheaper and I think the colors are better.

The green clothespins on the left were from the Rite Dye. 
The clothespins on the right were done with the food coloring.

I used a small plastic food storage container. Add just enough water to cover a layer of clothespins or wood sticks. I then added almost all of the .25 fluid oz. vial.
 Let it soak until you get the color you want. If they dry lighter than you like, repeat the process.

You can mix your own colors
AND I saw a box of Neon colors, purple, pink, green and blue!

Let me know if you try it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Sale on TpT!

My TpT Store (HERE)

Thank you to the 3AM Teacher (Her TpT Store) for sharing her sale button.
Love it.

It's Here! The Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers 2013.
Oh I don't know what is more overwhelming, trying to get things ready and posted or creating my purchase list from my enormously long Wish List.

Everything in my store, between Aug 18th-19th, is on sale for 20% AND
 if you use the PROMO CODE: BTS2013
you will get an additional 10% off the total price.
That's 28% off!!
This deal doesn't happen very often so stock up now

I have been working hard to make the deadline last night for my new project.
I am so excited about it.

There are anchor charts, chants, and cheery moves!
The cheers are in a format that could be put into a book
 or glued into a journal.
My colleague (2nd grade) and I (1st grade) have been putting this together
 for the past year. 
The classes love the chants and movements
 and it has really made the phonics rule stick.
I hope you will take a peek.

I am going to shop back, well this may take some time.
and some snacks.
and maybe a latte! or two!