Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Thanks ...

It is so nice to be off for a week, but even nicer to have the time to spend with family. Most of my family have their birthdays in November and December, and with a little grand daughter due after Christmas...well, Let the busy begin! This year is definitely going fast, but with only 3 weeks to do Christmas, December is going to be really fast.

Last week were began by learning how the Pilgrims were blessed by God and they were thankful for all He provided. We wrote a book and I was amazed at how well they illustrated each page.


After brainstorming things we were thankful for we did a guided writing Blessing. 
I was so surprised and blessed when I read them.
Several wrote...

 This one made me laugh: I give thanks for 'money'  so I can buy stuff.

And from one of littlest: I give thanks for my jacket 
because I like to 'dress' like a biker.
Turkey Disguise Project
The class was very excited about dressing up their turkey to save him from being eaten.
 There were many Nijas and Nija Turtles:
(What do you expect from a class of mostly boys)
 of course there was the Bling Turkey and of course the 'Cloud' Turkey...
 And the Santa Turkey!
Which will work well with our new Christmas book

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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