Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Christmas to all! And gifts that we made

Merry Christmas!
We have survived the holiday and it was so nice. Since we are expecting our new addition any day we down played all the Christmas gifting and enjoyed reminiscing of Christmas traditions. We were all thinking that next year will be different with a 1-year old running around. I can't wait! But at the same time it's hard to to explain that the changes and letting go of traditions to make room for new (no matter how wonderful) are kind of sad too. But times move on and it is time for my oldest to blend Christmases of both their childhoods to make new traditions for their family. And its hard for them too. They are trying to keep everything the same and worrying about keeping everyone happy. I'm trying to be a flexible parent and anxious to be part of how they choose to celebrate. 

Last night all 3 generations went to Christmas services together at my parents Church. They love showing off their grandkids. Then this morning we had three generations over for morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls and sausage-egg casserole. I tried something new and made bacon & egg with hashbrowns in muffin tins. It was pretty awesome. They went so quick I didn't even get a picture! It is so nice that my parents at 85 are still able to get around and join in the Christmas activities. (Wow next Christmas it will be 4 generations!)

I have been so busy with everything I didn't get to post what our class did for Christmas gifts and projects. So here are some of the things we did at our class party.(sorry about the horrible pictures)

1. We made faux stain glass ornaments.
I used the coffee lids from Trader Joe's coffee cans (measure about 5"), taped a picture to the back and used permanent markers to color. Remove paper template.
We then glued glitter around the rim and used shiny pipe cleaners for hooks.
2. Paper Bag Photo Books.
I tied 2 paper lunchbags together with fluffy yarn, added their picture to the front and they decorated it with paper and stickers. They wrote a note to their parents on card stock to slip into one of the openings and added other pieces of cardstock to other "secret" compartments. The parents can use it to add pictures to make a photo album or scrapbook.
I didn't realize he had covered up the book as I took the picture. I'll repost better pictures when I dig out my sample to re-organize my "Christmas Planning Notebook" for next year.

3. Finally, we 'sewed' Christmas stockings. 

Each student had 2 cut out construction paper Stockings to decorate. The holes were already punched. Using a needle with yarn they were suppose to loop the yarn over and under to sew the pieces together. Some struggled with that concept and did the in and out running stitch instead. Either way it was fun and they enjoyed adding candy and little items to fill their stocking.

After we finished our projects we had cupcakes to celebrate Jesus' Birthday. They were so cute and said it was the best party they had ever had. First grade is so easy to please. Some paper, glue and food; add a movie and you are good to go!!

Enjoy! and be Merry!

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