Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brrrrr!! Polar Exploration Planning

Is it the teacher in me?? 
I know I can't be the only one... 
I have already done an outline of my January lesson plans. Now I'm going through and adding the details. I thought I better get started since I may need sub plans next week as the Grand-baby has not arrived yet.
I started putting Christmas away, and although it does look cleaner I miss the decorations. I'm working my way through the cookies mostly. You know, put something away, then cookie break!
I also put on my walking shoes and did my 2 miles today, which I have not done in a while. It felt good! But I went at my usual summer time slot (4:30) and not only did it get dark but it was colder. Ha! I guess I need to get an earlier start or wear a jacket.

 I have also updated the look and made a few tweaks in my 
Exploring Polar Opposites Unit.
There is a Freebie in the Preview!

I was greatly surprised when I saw the book on sale through Scholastic book clubs. It's a great book to show how things can be opposite.

This product has scrambled sentences,
antonym word pairs,
that also review some information about penguins and polar bears.

 Recording sheet for the sentences.
 [Sorry that it was turned sideways]

 9 pairs of antonym cards with a worksheet

Graph your favorite...

...then write reasons why.
Using these organizers to teach Topic Sentence...

...Details                    and a                 Conclusion

We end our Penguin and Polar Bear Unit by Exploring the Arctic at Sea World.
I created a Scavenger Hunt Booklet that they fill in by drawing, filling in the blanks and asking the Sea World Guides a question. 
I think this could be a On-line Field Trip Exploration too. 
If anyone is interested, I can work on creating it.

Sample Pages

The Kids love being explorers and it helps keep them focused.
The Parent Chaperons appreciate having some directions too,
rather than just going to Sea World.
Thinking about the Arctic sure does make me cold. 
I think I need to go and turn the heat on.

It's New Year's Eve! 
So let me close this by wishing all a safe evening!
And most of all A Happy New Year!!

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