Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Prep and Planning and a sample

I'm sure that I'm not alone making my list and checkin' it not for Santa's list but the TpT Cyber sale that starts tomorrow! 
What you don't know about it??!!
Okay you must keep reading...
Almost everyone will have their store on sale for 20% off
AND if that is not super enough
Teachers Pay Teachers is kickin in an additional 10% off on top!!
That makes it 28% of your total purchase!!
BUT hey...
you can get free dollars too!
Yes!! if you make sure you have commented on everything you have bought in the past you get points.
Those points get converted into dollars.
Yes, I did say dollars.
Dollars you can use toward your new purchase.
Whoopee!! More $$$$ to spend.

So instead of planning for my class (oops)
I have been strategic planning my purchases.
And I went back to some of my holiday item from last year and prettied them up and well I may have added a few things.

I redid, and added to, My Christmas Tree packet and it has been renamed

If you purchased my old one let me know your TPT name and I will send you the updated version

Nothing new added, just prettied up the fonts and cleaned it up some.
You can download it again to get the 2013 version.

Newly added. My kids love these.

And as promised
here's another freebie
 Frrebie My Number Helper #0-30

I better start getting ready for a crazy week. Mom's having some surgery, so I'm getting a sub so I can sit with Dad. Praying there will be no surprises and all will go well. Next week my Dad's having surgery. So I had better have all my plans done and prepped.

Meanwhile Happy shopping!

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