Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jr Explorers visit the Arctic...

Field Trip today to the Arctic and Antarctica all in one day. Well it seemed like we did. We took a small excursion to Sea World, San Diego,  to check out the Polar Bears and Penguin Exhibits. 

Here is a link to the San Diego
 Sea World Penguin Web Cam

 A Penguin Encounter
The Polar Bears were sleep in the cave 
so we had to watch the video.
But we did get to talk to the guide who had this...

Real Polar Bear Fur!
We were surprised how soft it felt and how thick the fur layer under the hair was! 

Logging observations and information

Sorry this short but I'm exhausted from traveling around the world 
and I have quarterly awards to still do.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vocabulary to Valentines and Freebie

Every year we celebrate learning new words by having a Vocabulary Day. We pick a word and have to dress up in a way that would represent that word. We had some awesome words this year.  Do you know them  all? 
From left to right: Culinary, Ephebiphobia, Rustler, Meteorologist
Palindrome, Primigravida, Question/Statement, and Paleontologist

My favorites were:
Ephebiphobia: the fear of teenagers
Primigravida: a women who is pregnant for the first time (and she is)
As you can see we had a lot of fun. Even the kids got into dressing up.

Love the hat for "ocean" and you can hardly see the "bookworm"
Which was who I thought I was taking a picture of.
Light up mini lights don't show up
well during the day.

Meanwhile it is the end of the second quarter for us and report cards are to be completed by Monday morning. I made my list of things to do and thought no problem. I decided to work on my Valentine Unit that I wanted to add somethings to and somehow the day vanished. Well I did get my stuff added but the the grading fairy never did show up to finish up the grades. 
I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow in between laundry, groceries, and cleaning bathrooms. (maybe they can wait another day)
Anyway I have added an ABC Order, Vocabulary cards, and Valentine Making Words Lesson. In addition to 3 sets of Letter Cards (pocket chart, small center charts, and individual sets), I created a script to help organize words to make with clues (directions) to guide your students.

Don't cha love it when you take a picture and see that you've misspelled a word!
Here is a snapshot of what's included:
The Legend of the Valentine
A Jesus Loves Me Craftivity (Can be used as a card also)
The Legend of St. Valentine Mini Activity Book (8 pages)
6 Vocabulary Cards
2 sets of ABC Cards - 6 each with recording page
Making Words Lesson 
with Cards and recording page

and here's a FREEBIE to get you started on card making
These are slightly different than whats in my Valentine Unit. 
But they work well together.

CLICK HERE to go to my store and please

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Missing Work and a Freebie

The flu bug has hit my class! I had 2 that went home at the beginning of the week and as they came back 3 more were missing! It's hard to teach and reteach lessons and make sure all are gettin' it! Well the weather isn't helping either. Now I do know that it is winter because the calendar say so, but here in Southern California winter is in the 60's. But this past week we have been coming to school and it is between 30 to 39 degrees! And its only getting up to 58 in the afternoon if you are standing in the sun. Is any one feeling my pain? Hey I know I'm not gettin' any sympathy out there! But here's the thing... My little kiddos are not coming to school with any jackets (some maybe have sweatshirts) because they can't get it that is COLD! outside. And where are their parents? They are the ones dropping them off wearing shorts!

Well to help keep track of ALL that paperwork that needs to be sent home and completed, I created a little packet with a detective theme. (Get it? The work keeps going missing!) 

 I know I'm not alone in this paperwork dilemma ...and as a thanks for ALL that Caring I'm feelin', I'm sharing it with you. It's  a freebie available in my Tpt store.

The Case of the Missing Work

I know I'm a little late but I wanted to Join in on Doodle Bugs "Five for Friday".  I don't 
really have pictures because for some reason I used my camera instead of my phone and then left my camera at school. UHG!
Anyway Don't judge me... remember the cold weather I'm enduring...
Doodle Bugs Teaching
1. After all that gabbing I just did about the COLD weather, today, Saturday (Yeah!) it is up to 72 degrees 
and now I am really not getting any sympathy!

2. We are studying penguins, as many of you are, and yesterday we are walking in line coming back from lunch and almost all my little kiddos are waddling! They were the cutest things and No I didn't have even my phone with me to snap a pic.

3. I am desperately trying to organize my files, especially my seasonal stuff. I have used the cardboard file boxes or when I'm really trying to save money I have the school secretary save me the boxes the copy paper comes in. But they don't hold up well, maybe because I over stuff),  they look yukky, and all those little bugs get into them and chew holes in my paper. (Do you have problems with Silverfish?)

Well behold Staples was having a 100% rebate on these very nice plastic letter size file boxes. 
I bought 2 (the max you could buy) and will get it all back on my rewards card and then can use that to buy more ink!  Its like getting it for free! [Thats the justification I am using to my husband.]

4. Have you heard about Student Treasures? They will send you a book publishing kit, the students write a story, you send it back and they will "Publish it" with a hard cover and send it back FREE!!! The only catch is that you have to send a form home giving the parents the option to purchase a copy for $19.95. But even if no buys one, the class still gets a free copy. (14 parents did buy one in my class).


But it was so totally worth the effort. I have never had my kiddos work so quietly writing and illustrating their page... they even wrote their final copy in ink! WOOHOO! 

5. Mother Daughter Mani/Pedi day. My daughter made appointments for us to go get some 
pretty feet so we can wear our flip flops in this gorgeous weather. I never spend time on my toes in the winter cuz they are in shoes and no one can see. AND now that I have my document camera ( Did I say I LOVE IT!!), well hands are right there. It's also nice to be buddies with your daughter. (I am so lucky!)

So that's my five and the end to this VERY LONG blog. Have a great weekend and enjoy the extra day for those who have one.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Penguins or Polar Bears... Hhmmmm?

I have 2 days left to get ready to jump into my Polar Unit. 
The kiddos just love learning about all the cold weather animals. 
We compare the Arctic to the Antarctic, as well as the animals. 
My BIG question I always pose to the class is 
Why do Polar Bears NEVER eat penguins?
Then we make a list of all their theories.
The most popular answer is 
Penguins swim to fast.

It amazes them that they live on opposite ends of the world!
This gave me the idea to talk about opposites and I found the cutest book!
Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks

It's about these two friends that very different
 and they meet each other in the middle (the equator)
each year. 
This book inspired me to create a new Polar Unit on opposites.

It has many activities to engage students at centers or seat work working on
 antonyms and making opposite sentences. 
My class has really enjoyed collecting data and comparing information. 
So since we are starting the Chapter on graphing
 we are going to graph their choices on which they rather be ...
a Penguin or a Polar Bear. 
(we actually have done a lot of graphs already with our lost teeth,
 the weather, birthdays, etc.)
We then are also going to work on writing a comparative statement as a writing activity.
Check it out on my TPT store and see if your class would enjoy these activities too.

I am not sur how to do a linky but I did want to share my thoughts Currently...
Listening: to the furnace humming and wondering why I am still cold. Yeah I know there are many of you that are living where it is a lot colder but heck it is not suppose to be 34 degrees in Southern California!

Loving: that I had the time to meet up with friends the week and catch up, share ideas. As teachers  we often get so caught in our own
 classrooms that we forget to connect except on vacations. 
We all promised to do better at keeping in touch this year.

Thinking: of how much I have enjoyed not having a schedule this week!I have spent hours with friends, hours reading books, and spending time on Pinterest.

Wanting: to miraculously loose the weight I've gained from Christmas Cookies! Okay it might also be sitting at Starbucks with friends, or working playing on the computer.

Needing: to learn more about how to do the fancy stuff on my blog. Am learning by trial and error which takes a lot of time and can be dangerous.

OLW: Acceptance... of myself. God created me and loves me! Therefore all I can expect of myself is to do my best and not put myself down, be insecure, or worry about it. I'm a big worrier.

Okay so I really need to get down to business. It's been fun sharing. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, 2013!

        Welcomed in the New Year with a pizza and 2 movies from On Demand. Hey at $2.99 a movie we could afford 2! AND the Mr. stayed awake for 1 1/2 of them...whoo hooo! The kids were out with their friends so a nice time for us.

So New Year comes with expectations and big plans. Here are some of mine:

1. I am joining the ranks of technology! 
They are, as we speak, (well almost) installing in my class a
document camera
Okay I know some of you are going So what! BUT I have already gone through a box and a half of transparencies this year! 

Okay so its not a smart board but,

 I also got a new projector (I never had one before) 
AND a new computer, which is a big deal in itself! 

My old one took almost the entire day to boot up! NOT very useful. HA. I have been using my laptop for lesson plans, grades and blog stuff along with other things. But that doesn't help my kiddos have computer time. They are going to be so excited!

2. I also got a Nook for the class! 

Interestingly, the school didn't load any stories on it?

and the Aps on it are for older kids. 
So I am looking for some good cheap inexpensive okay free, preferred, 
Aps and stories to load. 
What are some that you use? Let me know.

3. On my personal list ( but still related to school stuff...isn't that always the way with us teachers?) I want to learn how to do the fancy stuff to make my blog better. I know just enough HTML to get me into BIG trouble and then not enough to go back. LOL!

4. And I am joining the rest of you on trying to make wiser food choices and get into a exercise soon as I finish off the Christmas cookies and find  a new pair of sneakers and... STOP! ...
Okay no more excuses!
Even if it is raining outside??

I have jumped in to lesson planning in an attempt to not be behind going back to school. I have started getting use to this FREE time. I have added an activity to my stores for the  letter "g".
Magic Fudge Game and Activity