Saturday, March 30, 2013

Five for Saturday and a Birthday Unit SALE

I have been on Spring Break and have not done one thing on my Spring break list of to do's. I have however done a lot of reading between vet apts and dr apts for the Mister. So it is now Saturday and I can't believe the week is almost over... Sigh, I had such high hopes er uh dreams, of accomplishing so much. Well here is my weekly five.
1. Good news is that my dog seems to be making a full recovery from his slipped disk. No surgery! Just visits to an animal Chiropractor who was wonderful. Mr. P's surgery went well also, but may still need another minor one. Darn! We thought it would be all better. 

2. I can't believe my luck lately! I am never the one who wins ANYTHING! I was so suprised when I found out I had won Jessica's All About Plants Unit. (Wild About Firsties).
Click Picture to check it out!!
It was perfect timing cuz we are getting ready to start our plant unit.

Well I wasn't even over being excited about winning this awesome product when I found out I had... 
yes you guessed it!
Won another  super duper product from Growing Firsties!
Lisa had been having a fun day sharing her birthday with all kinds of give aways on her facebook page. And all day I was just missing them. I was able to grab her Friendly Letter Writing Workshop Unit, very last give away of the evening,
AND was feeling pretty lucky at that.
Well you can just imagine when I checked my email later this week and found I had won the biggie,well to me it was! 
the Common Core Crunch unit
I really wanted this one.
Make sure you check it out if you haven't yet
Click Picture
So now I am busy printing and I need to run to Lakeshore to laminate so it'll be ready for Tuesday. Yikes Tuesday is only 3 days away.....

3.I am excited to have just posted my new Birthday Units. One is what I use for birthdays at a Christian school, of course with God as our focus. But I also changed it up a bit for those who are at public schools or where you might not even celebrate birthdays. I heard that is happening too. 


20% off SALE GOING on this weekend
Mar 30-31
Both have activities that are aligned to 
Common Core Standards 
for Listening and Speaking skills as well as Writing skills,
 and both have the option for a Special Day celebration if you Student of the Week instead of Birthdays.
My Kiddos love getting their "book" that their friends created.
I tie them together with polka dot ribbon to jazz them up and they can't wait to receive them. Of course the ones I putting together are at school so I can't take a picture right now.

4. The third book I read this week was given to me by a friend as she told me it was the best book she has read in a long time. Great! Well it was good and by the 7th the chapter I was sucked in. I like this author but this wasn't my favorite book. (Maybe it was the Russian Historical Era that I didn't relate to?) The Author is Kristin Hannah and I like Firefly Lane the best. I am now reading a new one, Magic Hour and the 1st chapter was pretty good.

and finally
5. I've been cleaning out my closet...Gee there are clothes that are older than my kids in there! I won't say how old that is but let's just say their closets are not in my house any more. So it is about time to weed it out. My problem is now I can see why I didn't have anything to wear.  So now I have to have time to go shopping... Hmmm maybe I should have done this task at the beginning of the week..

Well if you made it this far, I thank you for sticking with me. I hope you have a nice Easter. Remember to Check out my store; I am having a Spring Cleaning Sale for 20% off. (I was so excited to have 20 followers)!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break R and R

Spring Break has finally arrived! and I don't know what to do with my self!! 
My what to do for relaxing list is as long as the list of... 
I want to do's and then of course there's the dreaded...
I need to do's (which will have to wait cuz... I'm on a break! DUH!)

First of all does the weekend actually count as part of Spring Break?
Any way 
1. weather is good, a sunny 68 degrees...check
New succulent garden - it will fill in as it grows.
2. new book in hand, Sandra Brown's Low Pressure. I actually have a stack of about 10 books my friend gave me to read, so it was pretty had to pick one.....but check

3. Iced latte and sun glasses... check

Yeah, I would say Spring Break has begun!
and a quick up date about my puppy...

Yesterday was the So. Cal Blogger Meet Up and I didn't get to go=Me crying (Missed meeting y'all!)
because I was the only one that could take my dog to the vet for his treatment.

The good news however was the vet was amazed! In one week he is almost walking normally, is playing with his toys and doing his thing out on the patio.
Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts.

I am working on a Birthday Blessing Unit that I hope to get out soon. But that's as close to school stuff as I'm going to get for the next few days.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Easter/Resurrection Unit and freebie

Stop the bus I want to get off!
Does anyone else ever feel that way?
I have one more week to get through before Spring Break and I don't know if I will get it done. I have been searching for the clip art for my Easter Unit I had all planned out. But there was nothing but bunnies and eggs...not that I have anything against bunnies and eggs! It just wasn't the direction I was going since I teach at a Christian school.

My husband gets, not one but two, eye infections in the eye that he is suppose to have his final surgery on in two weeks! (he's doing better now so the surgery is still on) AND my dog has slipped a disk in his back and can't walk. The vet said surgery may or may not work ($4000.00 for no guarantees). So we found a animal chiropractor and we will try that route. This is such a hard thing because right now he is pretty much helpless, and isn't really drinking or eating either, but he is the cutest, sweetest dog.
So instead of doing the 101 things that I need to do, because obviously I'm the only one healthy enough and can 
(oops...A little bit of whining just slipped out...sorry).

What I mean is as I am sitting here with my dog pleading with him to drink, cleaning him up, keeping him calm, and not doing the laundry, and the grocery shopping, or the bathrooms ( you get the picture). I did finish my Easter unit and finally got to blog share with y 'all. Thanks for listening.

So here is my new unit

and here is a freebie

I'm still trying to learn how to use drop box so let me know if this doesn't work.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

So. Cal Meet-up and Easter Stories Must Haves

It has been so exciting to see how many bloggers live close by AND now we are going to meet up!

It will be so fun to meet face to face with fellow bloggers that you so admire! If you live in So.Cal and would like to join in, then drop by Katie's Blog, "Teacher to the Core" and sign up. Just click below to go to her blog.

After signing up at Katie's blog, go over to Kate's blog at "Second Grade Sparkle" and Link up. Hurry and you might win some prizes!

Meanwhile here are some Easter books that I think are a must to have.

Benjamin's Box by Melody Carlson

The Easter Story told by a little boy who experiences the events of Passover week and learns the Good News. The Story works well with Resurrection Eggs. Instead I glue the items onto a 6" grapevine wreath, in order of the story. This way it can hang up in the house and the children can use it as a reminder to tell others of the Easter Story. (I'll post a picture of it tomorrow since I left it at school.)

The Easterville Miracle by Melody Carlson

Story about a little boy who questions all the Easter fuss that takes
place the week before Easter. He visits a wise old man, who work together to remind the town of the true meaning of Easter.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five for Friday... er, Saturday

I am joining in the fun over at Doodle Bugs Teaching. But as usual it's really Saturday morning!
Here are my 5 random thoughts for this week.

Random Thought #1: This was the most awesome week. I have a very let's say, "Social Class", and the hardest part has been getting them to not just shout out anything (and I do mean anything) that pops in their head or just get up to go tell somebody something. Yes while I am teaching! We do clips up/down, frownies and smilies, and a pompom jar. I have to say we are making progress but each Monday we start  over with the rules and by Wednesday we are startin' to get it...again. BUT this week we were having a banner week and on Friday we had zero frownies and only smilies! AND only one clip went down!

Random Thought #2: To go along withRT#1, since we were having this awesome week we fiiiiinalllly filled up the pompom jar and earned a Hot Cocoa Party. Friday was also a rainy day (or otherwise called "A Big Storm" here in southern California) so it was very fitting that we had cocoa and a movie. A wonderful parent brought in a pot that heats water almost instantly, and cups with lids from Starbucks! It was the cutest thing watching them with little "coffee" cups, but I was so busy making cups of cocoa I didn't get any pictures... AGH! and yes we did have marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, and melt-a-way candy canes.

Random Thought #3: On Wednesday we had Multiplicity Day. The kids (and teachers) had to dress the same as someone(s) else. My class winners were these 2 sweetest girls. One had recently broke her arm and they came dressed the same including the "broken arms". Will the girl with the real broken arm please stand up.

This was my friends and I (in the Middle) and I don't know what we were thinking with those BRIGHT chartreuse scarves! Couldn't miss us; they actually glowed outside.. yeah they did!

Random Thought #4: I am so ready for Spring Break. I love to read and never have a chance to during the week. I shouldn't have, but did, begin reading a book last weekend. It kept calling to me. So by Wednesday I caved and went to bed early to read "just a little". Well way to late, or would 2:00 am be early) I forced myself to put it down. Not a good idea! but a good book; 3rd in a series by Nora Roberts, Finding the Dream of the Dream Trilogy. 

Random Thought #5: As I was leaving on Friday I was told that I was getting a new student. Well I guess better on Friday night rather that Monday morning! Who enrolls in a private school 11 weeks till the end of school? She's a very sweet girl and I am glad to have a even number of students again.

So I have 2 weeks before Easter Vacation (i teach at a Christian school so we can still call it Easter Vacation!) and I am ready. Meanwhile I'm working on test prep for next month's Terra Nova Tests (like SAT's), Easter lesson plans, and tying to play Nurse to my husband. But Hey! it's the weekend. Whoo Hoo!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Linkie by State

I’m linking up today with Diane at Fifth in the Middle. She is hosting a link up by state! It’ll be fun to see how many California bloggers there are and which state holds the most bloggers.

If you’ve never linked up before this might be one you might want to try. Link up with your state. Now’s your chance to try something new!  

AND since linking up is a way of meetin' up I'm going to try to leave a comment on everyone's blog in California. I up for the task! and maybe they will link back?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Currently March, sunsets and St Pat's FREBBIE

I feel as if I just finished 100 day and Valentines and I'm already looking at St Patrick's Day and Easter! So here's my "Stop and Pause" Button to look at Currently March...

Listening: Crazy us, when the kids were small, we bought a Timeshare 6 miles from our house so we would have parking at the beach for day use. I know that was expensive parking, but once a year we would pretend we were on vacation and play tourist. The kids loved it and why go any where else when you already live at the beach right? Well the "kids " are grown and we couldn't afford to go any where AND we forgot to Schedule a "good" week sooo this was our week at the time share. So with our crazy schedules we've taken turns to stay over night there.. our separate mini vacations. Why? A picture is worth a 1000 words...
'NUF said right!

Loving: I don't know how ya'll feel about Parent Teacher Conferences but I get so stressed! You never know if they are going to surprise you with some issue or concern and I worry that they aren't happy with something.. I know I'm ultra paranoid!  (Now you know why I stayed at the beach!)  But I am happy to say all my parents were happy, loved the things we were doing in class and so happy with how there child was reading! So I am Loving that too!

Thinking: I want to paint the living room walls at least. They are a drab beige with one wall a darker beige. I was going for a neutral look and planned to get some white tables and cream colored furniture with pops of blue. Well after I had the walls done my husband "surprised" me with a beige oversized sofa sectional. It looks like a furniture store. Lost all interest and I never got my white tables either. So I'm thinking about an Icy Blue to brighten it up. I get very little sun on that side of the house so I think something light will perk it up. What do you think?

Wanting: I am so ready for summer and we have had a big tease this weekend with days of a sunny 70 degrees. And after talking about my drab living room, let's not talk about my drab clothes that are getting to small (Do you like salads in the winter? I need comfort food when its cold; you know hot chocolate, warm cookies, a good book under a fuzzy throw.) I really think my clothes are shrinking because I just got a new water heater, Hummm, maybe the water is too hot.

Needing: I finally went to get my eyes examined (had to because I ran out of contacts!) and found that my eyes have decided to be mono vision, which means one eye is correcting distance for my near sidedness and the other eye is correcting my close up which is why I didn't need reading glasses any more. Crrraaazy. So my backup pair of glasses are no longer working correctly. So I got my contacts and I have to still get glasses. I also need a good pair of sunglasses. 

Like: Pumpkin Lattes
Love: Pretzels that are Chocolate covered
Hate: Plastic drinking glasses..Ugh! You know those rubbery plastic kind? It just creeps me out! 

Well that's me right now. Go to O 'Boy 4th grade to link up for your Currently March.

Meanwhile I have a new Legend Of Saint Patrick Unit in my store. It will add a little background information for St. Paddy's day. There is a mini book with coloring pages, a making words lesson with cards and a recording sheet; along with vocabulary cards, a craftivity and more. Some of the unit has a Biblical reference, but after all that is the bases of Saint Patrick's Day. So take a look.

And of course here's your FREEBIE!

Check Back! I'm  working on my Easter Unit