Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Old Resource Good for the New Year

That's how I am trying to start out my New Year.
So I started by cleaning out a book shelf of resource books I haven't really touched for...well quite a while looking at the dust er lack of fresh fingerprints.

And I found this book  that I just had to share with y'all! 
 Great Resource
of course I have the 1st edition, LOL!

But it is a great resource for an explanation of the linguistics approach to Phonics; patterns, rules, word l lists ...
It's available at TeacherExpress or

Description of revised editionThis revised and updated edition summarizes the current research on phonics and offers more than 50 pages of practical suggestions for making phonics instruction come alive in the primary classroom. Includes special sections on meeting the needs of struggling readers and English language learners, speed drill forms and fluency routines, ready-to-use lessons, word lists, games, learning center ideas, and a comprehensive index. For use with Grades K-3.

Gee, I may have to by the newer edition!!

I wonder what other treasures I will find on that bookcase??

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Currently Jan 2014 & Surprise

Happy New Year came in with a quiet , well not so quiet snore from my DH.
My DH worked today so I was surprised that he made it to 11:00PM. (He did mumble Happy New Year at midnight.)
My son went partying with his sister and friends instead of having people at our house. I received texts from the kids along with instagrams. HA! That made me laugh.
I was cozy in my pjs, new Ugg slippers, and sweatshirt
(we are trying to not use the heater so we are not toasty warm!).
working on an old quilt piecing project that I had started ?? years ago
When I started it I was between teaching jobs and thought it would be something I could work on while watching TV. Now my I watch TV cutting out laminated projects or grading papers. 
Doing the countdown with Ryan Seacrest.
It was really a perfect New Years after the crazy 2013 year we had. Here's to a calmer 2014.

Ringing in the New Year, thinking and thanking God for all the blessings He gives us everyday
(especially those blessings that go unnoticed). 
Looking back I am so thankful for 
A beautiful loving family with the addition of a healthy grand-baby 
The blessing of health (my dad's eye surgery went well, my DD's pregnancy has been perfect & DH is doing better...) 
A great school to teach at that is more than just a job.
And thanks to you, my fellow teachers, my 1st year on TpT has surpassed my goal. I am so grateful for the sweet comments and that you to find my products helpful, especially my Christian based products. 
 And Thank you also to the community of teachers that share their talent, ideas, and creativity and embrace the true heart of teaching. You encourage me, inspire me, and often keep me going. 

Okay here is my January Currently
(and my attempt to start doing a better job with my blog!)

My DH is ready to go by an island...Ha ha ha

Christmas was very quiet and we agreed not to do gifts this year, but everyone still did little stuff so that we had something to open. (We were all pretty much waiting expecting the baby even though the due date is not until 1/2.14). It was sort of an old fashioned Christmas with the focus on family memories and being together. I guess with grown kids they begin to realize the importance of family and not so much gifts. Next year we will have a one year old and I think everyone realizes things will be different.

Have I mentioned the baby?? (Grandma prerogative!)

I am still attempting to clean out the junk antique treasures and organize my teaching materials and craft room, as well as the rest of the house.  Maybe it's called Baby-proofing???

Since vacation is almost over I had better begin planning for taking some xtra days next week to help with the baby. I hate doing Sub plans especially right after 2 weeks of no school. But I have an aid this year who can step in so it will be easier for me to let go. I think...

We did Christmas breakfast this year with all the trimmings, not just egg casserole, cinnamon rolls and cookies of the past. We weren't in any hurry and just reminisced about the past. My parents shared a lot of stories that my kids enjoyed (Thanks a lot dad) and are still laughing about.

If you stuck through my meanderings you should be rewarded. 
I'm putting everything in my store on sale
through 1/2/14
in celebration of my Grand-daughter's due date.  

 Bbay Sale