Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Old Resource Good for the New Year

That's how I am trying to start out my New Year.
So I started by cleaning out a book shelf of resource books I haven't really touched for...well quite a while looking at the dust er lack of fresh fingerprints.

And I found this book  that I just had to share with y'all! 
 Great Resource
of course I have the 1st edition, LOL!

But it is a great resource for an explanation of the linguistics approach to Phonics; patterns, rules, word l lists ...
It's available at TeacherExpress or

Description of revised editionThis revised and updated edition summarizes the current research on phonics and offers more than 50 pages of practical suggestions for making phonics instruction come alive in the primary classroom. Includes special sections on meeting the needs of struggling readers and English language learners, speed drill forms and fluency routines, ready-to-use lessons, word lists, games, learning center ideas, and a comprehensive index. For use with Grades K-3.

Gee, I may have to by the newer edition!!

I wonder what other treasures I will find on that bookcase??

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