Saturday, March 29, 2014

A BIG Thank You, A Give-Away, and A Sale

I have so much to be thankful for and now it is time to give back. 
I began this adventure a little over a year ago and it has been a slow process learning the ins and outs of 
 Power point, 
Google Drive,
Drop Box,
Facebook, and Instagram

So now I am learning Rafflecopter and having my first Give Away
to celebrate some Milestones
over 100 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers
over 100 followers on Blog Lovin'
and close to 200 followers on Instagram!
It's because of YOU
that this adventure has been so thrilling!
Making new friends and being able to help others
with my ideas!
Who knew?
YOU are what keeps me going!

Some of my Instagram Buddies are helping me spread the Love
and added to my Give Away!
graphics by Ashley Hughes and Thistlegirl Designs
Reena from Magic Mistakes and Mayhem
 is giving away 1 product of your choice from her TpT Store!

Beth from A Kindergarten Life for Me
is giving away 1 product of your choice from her TpT Store

Nadja from Garden Full of Knowledge
is giving away a 1/2 sheet of her Jamberry Wraps
(your choice of design)

and I am letting the winner choose 2 products my TpT Store!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And meanwhile if you just can't wait to see if you won, 
I have my entire store on sale this weekend!
From March 29 to March 31.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I made it to triple digits!

I woke up to find that I now had over 100 followers on my Teachers Pay Teachers store!
Okay so it is just over at 101 but it's in the 3-digits.
Somehow that makes me feel, well more legitimate loved and I love you back. I am so grateful when I get your feedback (love notes) that say how much you enjoyed a product or how much it helped you in your class. I love sharing the products that my littles use and love and knowing it is helping others.
SO I am cookin' up a little
 "Thank You Give Away" for you all.

Stay tune...I getting it ready... Gathering the prizes...SOON!

I realized that I never posted the previews for my newest Easter product. Problem was that for some reason TPT wouldn't link to my file. So I adjusted the pictures and made a link to my blog.
This product is my way of putting a little twist on the Resurrection Eggs that are often done in Kinder. I love the concept of it being a reminder of the events in the Easter Story,
but I wanted to make it more of an interactive learning activity.
So I created little mini books that can be assembled,
 put in order, and read.
The "picture" eggs are created in color or black & white versions.

First for the craft part we made an Easter basket that has a pouch pocket 
to store the little mini egg booklets.
The pink post-it is pointing to the opening where the booklets go.
It can also be used to store the game pieces for the Match-It Game.
Color or print on colored card stock and cut the bottom part of the basket out.
Then glue around the outside edge of the bottom basket 
(not glueing the top or the middle)
and place on top of the paper with the top of the basket,
matching the middles.

 Another option to using this activity is to glue them in order in a file folder. Still assemble the little egg booklets. but then glue them in order to the inside. of the "book".
Books inside a Book Idea.
The little egg books flip up to reveal a picture and a Bible Verse
 from the Easter story 
which matches the picture.
The kids love "coloring" their Easter Eggs!
 Another Activity using the eggs with picture (without the number) is Match It.
There are 12 Event Cards that can be matched to the Eggs.
Use fewer cards with smaller children.
Older children can match the eggs to all the task cards and then put them in the correct sequence according to the order of events.
 And finally, to assess their knowledge of the the Easter Story,
 have them retell the story.
Easy to differentiate!
2 different paper choices.
You can use the eggs to help tell the story, or support the story by gluing the picture egg, Bible verse, or the entire egg book onto the egg-shaped outline on the writing page. The are pages without the egg shape  for extra writing. It makes a cute little mini book that they create in their words.
 And here is a freebie coloring page
also available without the Biblical reference.
 Available in my TPT store HERE

I sure hope it is something you can use. It has been a class favorite in my class!
 Clip Art Used was 

 and my newly discovered 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is Opting out of Common Core an Option? What am I missing?

I find it interesting to see how out brains plays with our reality. 
Now that Daylight Savings has sprung us ahead, it is light longer. 
Now that it is light longer, I feel like I have more time after school.
More time to play, get to walk, and I feel less tired.
However, in the morning it is dark when I get up...I mean really dark,
like the middle of the night dark!
And I have to drag myself out of bed thinking what am I doing up?
I keep checking the time to make sure I'm suppose to be up.
And my littles have been dragging themselves to school. 
I had one fall asleep at his desk. Poor thing. (I wanted to join him).

This is the first page of a handout I gave to my parents at conferences
after I had a conversation with a parent regarding CCSS.
Okay, my fellow teachers and bloggers, 
I need some advice or maybe info.
I am at a small private school and we are following the Common Core Standards because we choose, not because a school district says so. I am listening to many of you struggle with teaching the common core standards and I wonder what am I missing? It seems to me that these are good teaching practices, many of which I have used that evolved from many
(okay really a lot) years of teaching.
Many of the math strategies are not new ( pictures, tally marks, groups of 10) and some are a new twist on old ways ( composing, decomposing, ten frames). So help me understand what I am missing. 

I had a parent come in with a piece of paper that stated she was "opting out" of Common Core.
I was totally caught off-guard and I asked her what that meant. 
She told me that she didn't want me to teach her child common core.
I told her that Common Core was a standard and I was teaching strategies to meet those standards, so I wasn't sure what not teaching Common Core would mean. 
Help!! Am I wrong?

BTW she's agree to trust me in my teaching so all's good but I am just wondering what your thoughts are.

Ways I'm teaching Common Core

Hope to hear your thoughts...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

a Thank You, a "Missing" and a Freebie!

First I want to thank all my new followers and those of you who purchased from my store during our big sales event. It is you all that keeps me wanting to share. I so appreciate the all the nice comments too!

I even got into the buying frenzy! 
And I do mean frenzy on my part. 
I had parent teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday in the middle of California's MEGA storm. 
I was beat and I almost forgot...yes I said almost forgot! 
I hadn't even put together my shopping list.

Let me tell you it is not a good idea to shop when you are exhausted.
I couldn't think.
I couldn't decide.
I was in a panic...the clock was ticking which I believe was on east coast time, not on my west coast time!
I needed to order so I did...Whew! Wait I forgot to use my extra 10% off code!!  Duh!

Oh well I got some great items at the sale price.
And I'm happy.

Next time I will do my shopping list in advance!!

Meanwhile what happened to February? 

Does anyone else feel as if February evaporated??

Guess whining doesn't help..
get over it... move on..

Hey that means Daylight Savings is right around the corner!


In honor of spring, more sun, and warm weather I am using the theme
March comes in Like a Lion and Goes Out Like a Lamb!

We post each day on our calendar with a lion or a lamb to indicate if it was a nice day or a "wild" day. We try to see a pattern  to prove if the saying is correct. It certainly is coming in like a lion!

So to thank all of you for visiting, following, or stopping by
I want to share my calendar cards with you.
The free clip art from

  Crayonbox Learning
and it was perfect timing for me to update my tattered ones and allows me to pay it forward.