Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is Opting out of Common Core an Option? What am I missing?

I find it interesting to see how out brains plays with our reality. 
Now that Daylight Savings has sprung us ahead, it is light longer. 
Now that it is light longer, I feel like I have more time after school.
More time to play, get to walk, and I feel less tired.
However, in the morning it is dark when I get up...I mean really dark,
like the middle of the night dark!
And I have to drag myself out of bed thinking what am I doing up?
I keep checking the time to make sure I'm suppose to be up.
And my littles have been dragging themselves to school. 
I had one fall asleep at his desk. Poor thing. (I wanted to join him).

This is the first page of a handout I gave to my parents at conferences
after I had a conversation with a parent regarding CCSS.
Okay, my fellow teachers and bloggers, 
I need some advice or maybe info.
I am at a small private school and we are following the Common Core Standards because we choose, not because a school district says so. I am listening to many of you struggle with teaching the common core standards and I wonder what am I missing? It seems to me that these are good teaching practices, many of which I have used that evolved from many
(okay really a lot) years of teaching.
Many of the math strategies are not new ( pictures, tally marks, groups of 10) and some are a new twist on old ways ( composing, decomposing, ten frames). So help me understand what I am missing. 

I had a parent come in with a piece of paper that stated she was "opting out" of Common Core.
I was totally caught off-guard and I asked her what that meant. 
She told me that she didn't want me to teach her child common core.
I told her that Common Core was a standard and I was teaching strategies to meet those standards, so I wasn't sure what not teaching Common Core would mean. 
Help!! Am I wrong?

BTW she's agree to trust me in my teaching so all's good but I am just wondering what your thoughts are.

Ways I'm teaching Common Core

Hope to hear your thoughts...

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