Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Mystery Box is back

I am hoping to win the Mystery box this month... Actually there are 3,
 yes three,
 chances to win the big gift.
Okay, so I'll just tell you and then you might as well go on and enter.
Because I won't win.
My husband always wins.
Not me!
(Maybe I'll have him enter)
But I sooo want to win these shoes.
Yes! You saw that right! 
This month's Mystery Box features the amazing and fabulous Tieks!
Can you even believe it? We know you can't. But it's true! 
Our Mystery Box grand prize winner will be the lucky
recipient of goodies from...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Five for Friday, ah.. er... Saturday!

I am finally linking up with Five for Friday, so please forgive me for being late. We finally got through our week long tests, Easter projects, and our pen-pal letters AND made it to SPRING BREAK!!

Yes! Nine (9) days off! And my to do list is longer than the hours available in those 9 days. So I will have to prioritize... 
But 1st here's a look backward...
After testing all morning, my little firsties were wiggly, fidgety, and Carazzzy!
I needed to find something for the afternoons that was fun but still somewhat educational. We had been doing Easter Projects but it wasn't keeping my boys (2/3 of my class) very focused.
I stumbled on Nancy Vandenburg's, from First Grade WOW,
Special Math Packet of Fun!
(She always has great ideas!)
She had a giant Math Game, The Best Nest, that would practice the understanding of place value.

They pick two numbers and have decide what number they want to make, and then decide which "egg" to assign that number while keeping it in number order. Dilemma: There are only 15 eggs.
So I quickly printed up 15 eggs; Her's are nicer looking.
Put them in sheet protectors; remember I am doing this on the fly.
And for a little extra twist (because I am also suppose to be teaching P.E.) 
I add that we will do jumping jacks for the number in the tens place
and knee bends (don't even know if that is the correct name) for the ones place. 
So 56 would be 5 jumping jacks and 6 knee bends.
We had a blast and also learned a lot about place value.

Since I have to do PE this year we have been doing more brain breaks
which can count toward PE time.
I know many of you have heard of GoNoodle.
We love growing our mascot as well as our brains.
I have also discovered a new app
called ThingLink.
Use ThingLink to instantly add video and text to images. Create unforgettable greetings, interactive travel photos, and capture best moments. Share images to your friends on Twitter or Facebook-and communicate in new ways.
I added a video and some labels to a picture in just a few minutes.
I can specialize teaching visuals to my lessons.

Craft for the week - Stain glass pictures! 

Cut 2 pieces of clear contact paper
6.5" X 9.5"
Use cellophane paper cut into small chunks for the color.
Cut a shape out of construction paper for your focus.
(I used 3 crosses for Easter)
Leave the edges of contact paper clear of cellophane paper.
After putting the pieces of cellophane paper,
Stick another piece of contact paper over picture, sticky sides together.
I added a black construction paper frame to make the colors pop and it gives it a more finished appearance.
And this is what is taking up most of my free time!
3 months old!

Gotta iced coffee, a book, and Spring break begins!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The winner Is... and Currently!

I know I keep saying this
And YOU know I'm not the only one
But the months are just flying by... AND now it's 
AND I can not miss another month of Currently!!
So here it is..

Listening: We have had no neighbors next door since Christmas, while the owner remodeled and waited for renters. A family is finally moving in with 3 young boys, a dog, and a cat. I think my dog has more trouble with the cat than the boys!
Loving: I love sitting out on my patio in the morning with my coffee and the paper or book or just just enjoying the day. The problem is that from about October through March the angle of the sun means no rays. Last month a sliver of sun began to peek its way across the cement so I knew it wouldn't be long. Now if it would just get a tad bit warmer!
Thinking: Just one more week till Spring Break I CAN make it!
Wanting: I love breakfast! I especially love going OUT for breakfast! There is something special about everyone getting to choose what they want and someone else making it!
Needing: To have patience! We have standardize testing this week. Let me say, The week before Easter? AND it will be the first time for my little firsties! And they didn't even give me the sample tests to show them how! Oh deer.. or is that dear... or choice not given.
Hours: Required hours are 7:30 to 3:30, but I tutor and I rather grade at school and not take it home, so my hours are more like 7:00 to 5:00. And I still end up taking things home...Why? BUT only 1 week, then spring break, then 36.5 days and counting. 
 Oh Boy Fourth Grade
Okay it's your turn to link up! ( I do need to get her new button!) Sorry

And the winner is...
It was so fun having a Give Away
 and I cant't wait to be part of another one!
 It was great to get to know other bloggers too.
And without further delay...
the winner is Maria from First Grade Carousel
Maria contact me for your choice of items!

Have a GOOD Week Everyone!
Err I mean spring wishes