Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bad news, Good news

Have you tried making a purchase? Some craziness going on.
So many people buying overloaded the system!
I have to admit I had some moments of trepidation.
Not as a seller but but as a buyer...How am I going to get all my picks??
But the wonderful people at TeachersPayTeachers love all of us and extended the sale!

Which is a good thing!
You see beside having to make my decisions on my purchases.
I was asked to make spaghetti sauce for a special family birthday tomorrow
And a birthday cake!
while I also have progress reports to prepare, which means catching up on my grading!
Lesson Plans! 
and finishing up Mother's Day Class Projects.

I have also extended my store's sale. So everything is still 20% off 
PLUS the extra 10% with the Promo code TPTXO

Enjoy Another Day of Shopping

Monday, May 5, 2014

April Showers Bring May Sales...Stop and Smell the Discounts

Well it's Monday and I never did get my Five 4 Friday posted. 
Maybe I should just wait...Nahh!

But 1st a reminder about TPT's Latest sale.
And I'm IN.
Everything in my store is on sale 20% off with TpT offering 10% 
That's like 28% off!!
Make sure you use the Promo code TPTXO
and make sure you have made comments on all items you've purchased
(you get points that become $$$$)
I hope you stop buy, er I mean by. (heehee)

WOW! May is already been a busy month.
Saturday was spent in Anaheim, right across the street from Disneyland!
But I was at a workshop for Handwriting Without Tears.
It was a long day but I learned some new tricks. 
I don't know that we will adopt this program but I certainly will use some of the things I learned, 
so all is good.
Just wish I got to see Mickey!!

It is 5 weeks to go 
and I am really struggling with my class to grow their comprehension.
So we are doing lots of reading!
Here we are Buddy Reading
They really have Knee to Knee;
Elbow to Elbow down.
 We are also doing Prove It, Close Reading, Acting out the Stories, and Various ways of Summarizing.
And they still have troubles.
But my class is really young this year, so maybe that is part of it.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Last week was so Hot (94 degrees) we did PE inside.
 We use Go Noodle most of the time.
The class loves moovin and groovin and adding up those minutes.
Not for them,
 but to see their little mascot grow and morph into something else.
But this day we were traveling to Egypt with 
Adventures to Fitness.
The downside to this Exercise Video program is they are now charging for the their new releases.
But we are happy to "visit" our old favorite places for free.

Meanwhile my desk is disappearing under stacks of unorganized, but carefully placed paper.
But I have a good reason....
 This little one is the only one who gets me to leave early
instead of staying and organizing.
Isn't she a cutie!
She's 4 months now.

And that's where I am headed now... See Ya!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently

It's May! 
5 weeks to go!
Mother's Day...Progress Reports...Open House...Field Trip...End of the Year Projects...
When does it wind down?

Listening: Shark Tank. Anyone watch this? 
It's a show where regular people (entrepreneurs) 
attempt to get a multi-millionaire (the Shark) 
to buy into their company and help them get it going. 
There is always one pitch I say "Duh! Why didn't I think of that!" I also wonder "What ever happened to that company? Did they make it? 
Well tonight the whole show was reviewing pitches in the past that a 'shark' agreed to fund and then told what happened, good or bad.
Loving: It was 83 degrees at the Beach today!
It was Friday....I wasn't there....I was teaching in a classroom at 68 degrees!
Why are thermostats, that control multi classrooms, always put in the classrooms that have 100 windows facing the sun? 
These are the rooms that get up to 96 degrees and need a Nordic blast to cool it off! Meanwhile, I have kids with sweatshirts on, going out to play not realizing that there's a heat wave (94 degrees) outside.
Thinking: Of all the things that need to be done, all the things that haven't been done (I had a very young class this year) and how am I going to get there...wherever that is.
Wanting: An Ice Cream Sundae...It's Friday and its 80 degrees at 7:00 p.m.; enough said.
Needing: I am going to an all day workshop up in Los Angeles (an hour away) so I'll be up at the crack of dawn. I'm excited. There are 4 of us going  [grades K-4, 3rd has already gone], The workshop is Handwriting Without Tears. Does anyone use this? I'll let you know what I think.
Surprise: I have many blog that I visit regularly, and I shout out or share often on my FB page. None of my friends have Blogs, which I don't understand, and I haven't really connected with anyone . I am excited about meeting some of you at the TPT conference, and I hope to attend a Blogger meet-up in Southern California this year...sometime. 
I also want to spruce up my blog and learn more about blogging this summer.
I think my summer to do list is getting quite long. What plans do you all for the summer.
Link up Herewith Farley

Best get off to bed so I can stay awake tomorrow! 
I will do my Five for Fraturday tomorrow!