Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bad news, Good news

Have you tried making a purchase? Some craziness going on.
So many people buying overloaded the system!
I have to admit I had some moments of trepidation.
Not as a seller but but as a buyer...How am I going to get all my picks??
But the wonderful people at TeachersPayTeachers love all of us and extended the sale!

Which is a good thing!
You see beside having to make my decisions on my purchases.
I was asked to make spaghetti sauce for a special family birthday tomorrow
And a birthday cake!
while I also have progress reports to prepare, which means catching up on my grading!
Lesson Plans! 
and finishing up Mother's Day Class Projects.

I have also extended my store's sale. So everything is still 20% off 
PLUS the extra 10% with the Promo code TPTXO

Enjoy Another Day of Shopping

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