Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Currently...Lately

School's Out...My Birthday is Here... It must be Summer!
Yeah! But as I look at the calendar, how is June half over? 

I am not going to panic that the summer is almost over. 
After all I have just finished (school was out on Wednesday) 
and checked out (Packed up in 2 days and was out the door by 3:00 on Friday).

Today was my birthday, and using one of my wonderful gift cards from a a very giving parent, my hubby took me out to dinner. I am soooo stuffed. My sister-in-law and her hubby joined us and it was fun catching up with her.

So I finally have time to fill out my June Currently.
It's never to late is it?
Well I guess if it is July it would be late.

I have been listening to a lot of HGTV as I am planning on redoing the bedrooms upstairs. I need to make room for my granddaughter so I thought it could double as a guest room and maybe a space for an office. It currently is Pepto Bismo Pink and is in desperate need of a redo.

Today is my Birthday and I was surprised that I woke up to FB birthday greetings from so many friends. And they kept coming all day. WOW! It was nice to hear from friends I haven't heard from for a while too.

It's nothing like a birthday to remind you how blessed you truly are. I have my health, family, friends, and a great job. My husband is recovering from surgery quickly. My kids have full-time jobs they like. My first granddaughter is growing into a super fun little person. God has been good to us.

I know I said all year that the year was speeding by and the the summer appears to be continuing the trend. I would like to stop, take a breath , and regroup for a short moment. I already have a full schedule, not including the plans to organize and get a jump on next year. I am tutoring, overseeing a Math Club once a week for the summer campers at school, and baby sitting twice a week. I also have 3 seminars to take at the local college that I am so excited about. And of course the TPT Convention which will be sooo fun! I hope to see many of you there.

I need some cute summer clothes! I have plenty of knockin' around, don't let anyone see me clothes that I hang out in.  But not going out to lunch with a friend clothes. Many friends are having wedding showers or baby showers or little get togethers and I need some "Oh don't you look nice!" clothes.

I love reading and as many of you have also said, I don't have time to read during the school year. I read a wide variety of books; mysteries, romance, educational, historical, fiction and non-fiction. I also want o freshen up the look of my house. And my yard needs trimming. I'm not a gardner! I kill silk plants.
But since my husband had surgery, it falls to me and the tall things that aren't flowers should probably be pulled out. If I don't do it soon my little doggie might get lost out there.

Well there you go. A little about my plans. Now I'm going to go and check out some of your post and see what you all are doing this summer.

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Meanwhile I am going to do better at blogging, so I hope you come by often.


  1. First off, thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope it will be a nice resource for you. Secondly, Happy Birthday!!! Lastly, I hope you (and I) are able to slow down our summer, or at least fill it with lots of enjoyable moments. =)

  2. Happy birthday for Saturday! Totally agree that special times make you realize how blessed you are with amazing family and friends. Glad your hubby and recovering well from surgery and I am definitely with you on not being a fan of gardening!!!

  3. Happy B-Day! Enjoy your summer. I feel like I never have free time to read--although I guess I read plenty on my computer screen : )
    Kids Math Teacher