Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Catchin' Up Bloggin'

I have been trying to blog in between here and there, literally going here and there. And for an introvert, this schedule is not good.. I need a home base to recharge! Well maybe it's more like re-grounding. I need structure, I need schedules, I need a plan. Maybe that's why I teach, it provides me that framework.

Okay, Now I know it it is not Monday, but I did start this on Monday,
 2 weeks ago! 
AND I know that this says week 4 and I'm still on week 2 and 3, 
which I also started on week 2 and 3! 
So I'm not sure that makes me technically behind, 
but maybe thorough, 
or persistent, 
or just plain late! 

Here is me joining in the fun with Teaching Tribune's "Summer Bloggin" Link up
and asking for a little grace.

 Summer Bloggin' Link

I have been on vacation, well at least out of school, for a week and I am finally getting a chance to sit, with my feet up with my lap top and joining in on all the linky parties and bloggin' that I have spent time reading. Hey, I'm not going to lie, but I am somewhat intimidated by some of the awesome blogs out there. But I think you just have to jump in, be yourself, and enjoy it. So I am going to work on that this summer.

One of my 'projects' this summer is to tackle this.
I  know I am not the only one that brought stuff home to organize purge.

I need to be able to stash things in a convenient way...
a way in which I will be able to quickly find lay my hands on THE item when it is needed.
I have been reading a lot of the various tips you all have been posting; Such great ideas, and so much classroom space! But I am still searching for what will work for me. Right now I'm thinking about sorting things by subject, theme or month...or maybe by task regardless of theme.  Yikes some of this is reeaally old. Why do I hang on to every piece of paper? Purple dittos do not copy well!  And these aren't even mine! 
I've never actually used mimeograph machines as a teacher. 
Ok I know some most of you don't even know what the heck I'm talking about! 

I dropped in my favorite Dollar Store 
(Not all Dollar Stores are alike!) and was so excited. 
I found the little containers I missed out on last year. 
And in many assorted (5 different) colors.
I am a color container hoarder.
I bought a class set - 2X12=24 and I am going to use them for individual crayon containers.
Notice the easy to handle snap lock sides!
No more boxes opening at the wrong end, 
zip lock bags leaking crayons 'cuz they didn't get ''zipped-locked".
My first thought is to put all four of the same color at a table, 
but what if I move kids around,
 which is bound to happen.
So I'm thinking I'll start the year with each little at a table will have a different color,
so it will be easy to ID whose crayons are whose.

They also had a sandwich size and
this deep one that is tall enough to hold a icing container and still put the lid on.
Perfect for my magnet center.
By the way the container fit perfect in the small baking pan
so no more sliding.

Thanks for stopping in,
Wishes for a great, restful summer!

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