Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bowling for Numbers Game part 1

I should be packing for Las Vegas but my head is spinning  and I'm waitin' on Laundry to finish.
I know I should not wait until the last minute, 
and I didn't, 
but I changed my mind! 
so now I'm doing laundry.

I have been trying to get to blogging this week because I have stuff to blog about. This summer I have been teaching a Math Club to incoming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. We just play various games that refresh the brain with number sense.

I have two smartie, patuties that were foolin! so I had to think fast.
I had some jumbo dice, a white board and an empty corner of a room. So, I said, "You want to play Bowling for Numbers?" Surprisingly they said "Sure" but then realized they didn't know what that was.

Well of course not because I just made it up!

Each girl had 2 jumbo dice of the same color 
so we could tell whose was whose. 
They took turns rolling the dice into the wall, 
where the dice would bounce back and roll. 
Then they had to multiply the 2 numbers and 
the one with the highest number received a point (recorded on the white board). They loved this game. 

It has since evolved into a slightly more sophisticated game
with a recording sheet.
Which I was going to post
but just realized the dryer has gone off
and I must pack and get to bed!
so stay tuned for part 2 and pictures and a freebie.

Vegas dreams...
and thank you to Arisbeth from Sailing into Second since I "borrowed" your Las Vegas picture for my blog. Hope to see you there.

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